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"> Annie Gets Her Emotional Support Animal Letter For Her Kitty Abe

Annie Gets Her Emotional Support Animal Letter For Her Kitty Abe

Annie Gets Her Emotional Support Animal Letter For Her Kitty Abe

Annie Gets Her Emotional Support Animal Letter For Her Kitty Abe

Many people often do not understand just how vital a pet can be to someone’s mental health. People often think that mental health can only be dealt with using prescription drugs or licensed therapists. But something that has been proven to provide just as much emotional support, comfort, and stability as any drug out there is a good and loyal pet. Pets are always there when you need them, they don’t talk back, they are loyal, and loving too; they are the perfect solution for someone who is experiencing emotional turmoil and really needs some support. This is even more so the case for people who are all alone; for a family a pet can be great but more often than not for someone who is alone that pet is so much more than just a pet, they are family!

This is exactly the case with renters and land lords, many of which do not allow pets into their buildings due to the fact that they can cause a mess, smell bad, and worst of all cause property damage, something that really shouldn’t be a problem when responsible pet owners are involved. None the less, Annie was one of these people that really needed her pet for emotional support, in this case it was her Kitty cat named Abe. Annie really needed Abe because she was going through severe depression; her husband had just been killed in a road side bomb explosion in Iraq and that cat was the only thing she had left to keep her from going under. Abe was there, always in her lap and giving her comfort when she was sad; Abe was one of the only things that kept Annie from crying perpetually.

The problem was that Annie could now no longer afford the house that her husband was more or less paying for and she had to now move into an apartment. All of the apartments in her area would not allow pets but Annie knew that she could not give Abe away or else it would be the end of her emotionally speaking. Thanks to one of her really good friends Annie found about something called an emotional animal support letter. This is a letter that people can apply for in order to keep their pets in times of emotional need and turmoil. It’s a legally binding document which allows anybody who needs their pet for emotional support to keep their pets in spite of no pet rules that may be in place. Animal Companions is the name of the organization that provides these emotional support letters for animals and they do a wonderful job at making sure that people with emotional needs such as Annie don’t fall through the cracks. Annie is now living a peaceful life and she has even found a new man which she plans to make a future with, all things that she could not have done without Abe and the emotional animal support letter that let her keep Abe.

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