10 Best Cat Breeds for Emotional Support

10 Best Cat Breeds for Emotional Support

Mental illness and disorders are becoming extremely common these days. According to a survey conducted by the Healthcare Association of the country, it was found that every 1 in 5 people is suffering from some or other mental disorder such as anxiety, stress, depression, feeling lonely, excessive aggression, and various other problems. For some people, the symptoms are very mild, and you can try to cure them with the help of medicines. But when the severity of the mental disorder is high, even the medicines are not very helpful. In such situations, your mental healthcare professional would suggest you opt for an emotional support animal as they have the capability to help you deal with anxiety, depression, and stress. Besides, they will not let you feel lonely and help you to socialize with other people. The love and affection shown by the emotional support animal will help you cope with your mental issues and reduce their severity. Usually, you would come across cats and dogs as the most commonly selected emotional support animal. So let’s get to know what are some of the famous cat breeds, which can be considered as possible choices as emotional support animals.

#1 Ragdoll Cats:

As the name suggests, the rag-doll cat breed is just like the rag-dolls you can see in the toy shop. This particular cat breed is extremely passive, and they usually like to be carried around wherever you are going. Also, you would have to keep pampering them for a long period. Besides this, the rag-doll cat breed is very loving and affectionate towards their humans. They will be gentle and are very mild-mannered. 

#2 American Bobtail Cats:

American Bobtail Cats ESA

This is one of the most popular cat breeds, which is also considered an excellent choice as an emotional support animal. Cats of this breed are very active, love to cuddle, and are playful. They can be chosen as an ESA by the individuals who are looking forward to lifting their spirits, feeling motivated and happy.

#3 Manx Cats:

You would be surprised to know that these cats do not have a tail. This is a part of their normal physical features. The cats belonging to this breed are hyperactive and playful. They have the capability to interact with the owners as they are quite intelligent and have the sense to please everyone. 

#4 Persian Cats:

You might have seen Persian cats all around because they are quite popular among people. This cat breed is considered to have a class because they are regal, beautiful, and quiet. This cat breed is very expressive, and they shower love on the owners and make them feel loved. This helps in coping with mental disorders.

#5 Russian Blue Cats:

Russian Blue Cats ESA

The Russian blue cat breed is amazing and quite a good option for an ESA. They are full of cuteness and love to adore their owners. Besides this, the cats of this breed are very well-mannered and playful. This personality trait of theirs helps in reducing the depression or anxiety levels in their owners.

#6 Maine Coon Cats:

Maine Coon cats are considered to be the largest breed of domesticated felines. You shouldn’t be surprised at their size. They have a very fluffy and beautiful appearance which makes them quite adorable. Maine coon cats are very comforting to the owners, and thus they can be the best emotional support animal.

#7 Siamese Cats:

This cat breed is popular for having a very diverse personality when compared to other cats. When you have a cat of this breed, you have to be very responsible because they are very vocal and demanding. They have the tendency to become close to the family member easily and shower their love and affection when treated well.

#8 Bengal Cats:

This is one of the most amazing cat breeds. They are very intelligent and hyperactive. The cat will keep your mind occupied with playful activities, love, and affection. They will help you reduce your loneliness, depression, stress, and anxiety.

#9 Sphynx Cats:

When you see a cat of this breed, you can easily identify them because of their lack of fur. This cat breed will demand attention from its owners and not make them feel lonely. They are a good company and really comforting and help in coping up with a wide range of mental disorders.

#10 American Shorthair:

This is the most famous cat breed in America. The cats of this breed are very temperamental and full of love and affection. When you have this cat breed with you all along, it will have an extremely positive impact on your mental health.


Having an emotional support animal is great support for your ongoing treatment for mental disorders. You can choose any cat breed from the aforementioned list as your emotional support animal.



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