10 Things That You Should Know About an Emotional Support Animal Letter

10 Things That You Should Know About an Emotional Support Animal Letter

10 Things That You Should Know About an Emotional Support Animal Letter

An emotional support animal letter is a legal document issued by mental health professionals and psychiatrists. In this blog, you will read about the points about the intricacies of an ESA Prescription.

The aim of this blog is to make the readers know more about the legal and procedural technicalities of Emotional Support animal letter. This would ultimately lead them to take more informed decisions.

1. ESA Prescription more commonly known as emotional support animal letter is different from getting a support animal permission. Support animals are trained animals, usually dogs. They can accompany an individual with disabilities like visually impaired person to all places including courts.

2.The reason why a support animal is allowed with the owner is, they are like the eyes of the individual.

3.Emotional support animals are pets that accompany their owners to alleviate their mental health conditions.

4. Some of the conditions where an emotional support animal letters are prescribed are insomnia, depression, PTSD and anxiety disorder etc.

5. The results of keeping an emotional support animal had actually led to alleviate the disorder of many individuals.  


The main advantage of getting an emotional support animal letter is that you can bring your pet on flights without paying any extra fare. There are some landlords who are not tolerant towards pets. The tenants have refrained from keep pets. However, the provisions are well written in Americans with Disabilities Act 1990.

It states that any person with mental disabilities like anxiety, PTSD, depression etc cannot be stopped from keeping a pet if it is prescribed by a mental health professional. However, it is difficult for individuals to approach to private clinics as the rejection rate is quite high.

Animal Companions understands the pain of being rejected of an ESA prescription. The mental health professional registered with us are empathetic and the genuine cases are treated with utmost care. John from Atlanta, Georgia got his ESA prescription from Animal Companions and flies with his pet without paying any extra cost.


 As there may be imposters who may take the undue advantage and thus hinder the genuine patient their rights, Animal Companions are very thorough in verifying the actual condition of the applicants. However, if your condition is genuine and validated by our mental health professional, then be rest assured to get your emotional support animal letter. These steps are taken as there are cases, where individuals fake the conditions to get concession on flights the other benefits that are rightfully not there’s.


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