4 Reasons How An Emotional Support Animal Letter Helped Jeff Recover From PTSD

4 Reasons How An Emotional Support Animal Letter Helped Jeff Recover From PTSD

4 Reasons How An Emotional Support Animal Letter Helped Jeff Recover From PTSD

This is the story of Jeff, an Iraq war veteran who received his emotional support animal letter. Sgt. Jeff Sanders, an ex-navy SEAL who served in harsh conditions in the Gulf and suffered from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). When he flew back to his hometown, Baldwin Park, California, he was suffering from post-war stress. Seeing cruelties and deaths of his close friends left him depressed and mentally traumatized. It was difficult for him to return to normalcy and fit back in his civilian life.
Initially, his family members thought a job in the community services would do some good and help him to fight PTSD. He even joined the job of Public Safety Supervisor. His experience as a veteran helped him to land the job easily. However, after few months of his job it did not alleviate his condition in terms of his mental illness. He started doing LSD and other recreational drugs. His son, Greg was worried about his father’s condition. One day while browsing through the internet he came across the website of US Department of Veteran Affairs.
Owning a dog can help patients with PTSD to alleviate their mental condition. Some of the benefits of having a dog are as follows:

1. Dogs are lovable animals and they help to bring out the feelings of love and affection.
2. Dogs can be trained and can take orders. 
3. They are fun and can help reduce stress.
4. Dogs are a good reason to take a walk in the park, meet new people and benefit from companionship.

Jeff, being an NCO was accustomed to giving orders. So he decided to buy a Rottweiler. Rottweiler puppies are easily trainable and can take orders. 
Dogs are used as an emotional support animal for a long time. As a companion, dogs give therapeutic treatment to the owners by giving them a feeling of friendship and companionship. Emotional support dogs are usually untrained. However, they don’t cause any difficulty to other individuals or the community. 

A pet can be used as an emotional support animal if an emotional support animal letter is written by a mental health professional. An emotional support animal letter also ensures that the owner can take his dog to places that are usually barred for animals. The main benefits of an emotional support animal letter are as follows:

1.With a valid ESA prescription, you can take your dog to places that are otherwise not allowed for pets.
2.An Emotional support animal letter lets the owners carry the pets in flights without paying an extra cent.
3.House-owners who are not friendly towards letting you keep pets have no choice but to allow you to keep your pets. However, any damages done to the property are to be covered by you.

Animal Companions helps you to acquire your emotional support animal letter after verifying the nature of your disability. 
Jeff’s journey towards his recovery from PTSD.
Once it was established by the psychologist that Jeff’s mental disability conditions can be treated with an emotional support dog. It was a matter of seconds for Animal Companions. The organization ensured that Jeff gets his emotional support animal letter hassle free and can accompany his emotional support dog to places that were out of bound before.

Another benefit of having an emotional support animal is that PTSD conditions are treated without the use of anti-depressant drugs that might have side effects on the person consuming it.Thus his doggy helped Jeff alleviate his long history of suffering from PTSD. He is thankful to Animal Companions that helped him to set his world right.



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