4 Steps for Getting ESA Prescription

4 Steps for Getting ESA Prescription

ESA Prescription, also known as emotional support animal letter is a document signed by a mental health practitioner to alleviate the suffering of mentally disturbed individuals. Mostly the individuals suffering from PTSD, Anxiety, insomnia and tension approach to mental health professionals. The main use of an ESA Prescription is it enables the psychologically vulnerable individual to carry their pets in airplanes without paying any extra charge and keep them in the hostel dorm rooms and in apartments and houses where the house owners turn a cold shoulder to pet owners.

Now assume a case where you are not suffering from any mental ailment but you want to fly with your pet. In this case, you can do so by paying for a seat for your pet. However, in the case of denial by house owners, there is very little that you can do. At most, you can do is request and convince  the landlord that your pet will not cause any damage to your property, and you will be responsible for paying if it happens. The last say is of the house owner.

However, if you possess an ESA Prescription, the landowner cannot refuse you just because of the pet. But again it comes with the same responsibility, any damages by your pet needs to be covered by you. There are cases where an individual might fake a condition, to get an ESA Prescription. There are agencies that also ensure ESA Prescription to every applicant without verifying if the claim by the applicant is actual or fake.

Here at Animal Companions, we have many mental health practitioners associated with us. They are dedicated to helping the applicants with actual condition. Once we receive an application, we forward the request to our psychologists and set an appointment after discussion with the applicant. If it is established that the applicant is actually suffering from the condition, Animal Companions at once comes to action and gets the Emotional support animal letter.


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