5 Problems That Can Be Answered By Emotional Support Animal Letter

5 Problems That Can Be Answered By Emotional Support Animal Letter

In this story, read about a teenager’s story of breakup, depression and the role of an emotional support animal letter to alleviate his worsening condition. Sometimes we don’t anticipate the worse waiting for us. The same thing happened with Andrew. He used to be a happy-go-lucky and jolly kid. Like anyone of his age, he liked someone from his high school. Unfortunately, there was no reciprocation from his romantic counterpart.

Andrew, who always had been a pampered child, this rejection made him fall on his face. He did not see this coming which made him cut-off from his family and friends. He was always occupied with negative thoughts. His self-esteem and confidence were badly hurt because of the rejection. You might think what is the relevance of this trivial problem faced by a teenager? Similar problems are faced by every other kid of his age.

But this case was complicated for Andrew. He lived in a residential school, away from his parents. Being without parents makes a person self-dependent, but it is not suitable for every kid. Getting back to the story, Andrew was depressed and started skipping classes. His marks, as well as mental condition, deteriorated. His parents became extremely worried about their son’s condition.

Ms. Smith, the high school counselor suggested Andrew’s parents to get him a Labrador puppy. Labrador puppies are friendly towards humans and are easily trainable. They are also low maintenance dogs. But, since Andrew lived in the high school dorm room, there were few rules that were to be addressed prior to keeping a pet. Again Ms. Smith suggested Andrew’s parents to visit Animal Companions. Animal Companions is an organization that provides emotional support animal letter to individuals with mental disabilities.

Since Andrew was a kid with difficulties, it took no time for Animal Companions to issue an emotional support animal letter. This enabled him to keep his puppy with him in his dorm room. He started noticing it was his dog’s friendliness that earned him more friends. Other kids started liking Andrew and his puppy Jimmy. Thus Andrew got a new reason to be happy. He finally overcame his depression and it was ultimately an emotional support animal letter by Animal Companions that helped him to alleviate his mental disability.


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