5 Things an ESA Prescription can do for your well being

5 Things an ESA Prescription can do for your well being


Ever heard of Animal Companions? We are an organization that provides a special service to people in need of emotional support. AnimalCompanions.org supplies people with something known as an ESA Prescription.

What this is a letter that allows people to keep their pets in places where they would not otherwise be allowed to do` so?

 As you may know, many apartment buildings, condominiums, and places such as workplaces often do not allow pets on the premises. The problem here is that these property owners just don’t understand how important a pet can be to somebody or a family.

There is ample proof that pets of all kinds can really help relieve people of stress and other emotional issues; something like a dog can have a really calming effect on somebody and help them get through their emotional distress or just help people when they are really lonely.

These people often encounter problems when they have to live in a place that does not allow pets and this is where the animal support letters come in handy because all you have to do is go online to the Animal Companions website and apply through a quick application survey that is very easy to pass. Once you have qualified you the ESA Prescription will be sent to your inbox and all you have to do then is print it out and show it to the necessary people and there is nothing they can do about it.

There was a man who lived in NY named Neil and he was suffering from severe emotional distress and anxiety issues which had amounted to the physical symptom of stuttering, something that was really bad seeing as Neil’s profession was a motivational speaker.

 Neil’s doctor’s had recommended that he get a pet dog to help relieve some stress and provide him with some comfort because as the doctor’s had noticed Neil did not stutter at all when he was in the presence of a dog, especially one he really liked. So Neil got himself a little golden retriever that he named Phil.

However, the problem that Neil now ran into was that being a motivational speaker many places that he would give speeches or lectures at did not allow dogs inside and without his dog, Neil could barely speak to people let alone give a speech in front of hundreds of people.

 One of Neil’s friends knew about Animal Companions and told him to get the ESA Prescription, also known as an emotional animal support letter. Neil did just that and thanks to the emotional support animal letter,  Neil can continue his dream career of giving long and great speeches to people without being so nervous that his stuttering takes over.

With Phil at his side, Neil has all of the confidence and collectedness that he needs to give a great speech in motivational. Nobody can tell Phil that he can’t bring the dog inside or on stage as long as he has his letter with him. If you or anybody you know is in a similar situation then check out Animal Companions. 




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