8 Reasons For Getting An Emotional Support Rabbit

8 Reasons For Getting An Emotional Support Rabbit

People who are suffering from mental disorders are asked to have an ESA (emotional support animals). The emotional support animal will help them in overcoming the mental issues. The mental issues can be depression, anxiety, loneliness, or any other mental trauma. Commonly, people have dogs or cats as their ESA. They are easily available and do not need any type of training to be around humans. Dogs and cats easily adapt to the environment around them and get friendly within a short period of time. 

But do you think that cats and dogs are the only two options when it comes to having an ESA animal? Well, no. You can have many other domestic animals as an ESA. For instance, horse, ferret, hamster, duck, parrot squirrel, and many more. Have you tried getting a rabbit as your ESA? 

A rabbit can also be your emotional support animal. Here are some of the important reasons that will explain how rabbits could be considered as an ESA. 

#1 Rabbits Are Considered As One Of The Most Gentle And Lovely Creatures:

If you meet someone who has a rabbit, they would be able to convey to you the fact that they are one of the most adorable ESA. They are extremely gentle in their behavior, loving, affectionate, and highly docile in nature. Rabbits are animals who can easily create a bond with humans, just like dogs and cats. Once the bond between the rabbit and the owner becomes strong, they can learn to recognize them with their voice. The love and care they show towards their owners are what makes them the ideal choice as an ESA

Similar to dogs and cats, rabbits are also fond of cuddling and this behavior helps in overcoming anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

#2 Rabbits Are Extremely Quite: 

Dogs have a habit of barking whenever they are excited, angry, or just trying to have fun. But this is not the case with rabbits. They are always quiet and extremely decent. Besides dogs and cats, you can easily have a rabbit in your house without anyone knowing about it. 

#3 Rabbits Are Easily Adjustable And Do Not Require Too Much Space To Live: 

Rabbits are small and loving creatures, who would not require too much space. They can adjust even in small confined spaces. Well, but this does not mean that you would cage them. You can make a cozy bed for them where they can sleep and play around. You can even have a small feeding place where you can provide food and water. They will adjust in your house so easily that you will not feel any requirement to train them. 

#4 Training A Rabbit Is Extremely Easy: 

Well, this might be a bit surprising to you, but the fact is that it doesn’t require a lot of effort to train a rabbit. They are intelligent creatures and instantly understand to use a litter box if one is placed in their living area. They themselves are quite clean animals and house training just comes naturally to them. They take every training positively and learn quickly. 

#5 Rabbits Doesn’t Require To Go for Walks

Rabbits are adorable creatures who are happy being inside the home in a safe environment. This means that you don’t need to take them for walks. If you are concerned about their exercise, then they can play and hop around the house. You do not have to keep worrying about taking them for a walk. Rabbits are happy creatures who feel safe inside the house, and they will get their routine exercises from hopping around all over the place. They can play with the toys you provide them and spend their time cheerfully.  You will also observe that your rabbit dedicatedly invests most of the hours while playing, exploring, and stretching his legs. He will be happy and also make you feel cheerful and not sad or depressed.

#6 Rabbits Are Easily Available At Local Animal Shelter: 

You can visit any local animal shelter or buy it from a breeder and adopt them as your ESA (emotional support animal). It won't be difficult to find a rabbit if you want to choose them as an ESA. 

#7 Rabbits Are Happy Go Lucky Creatures: 

They are quite decent and love to remain in their own world and they will play around and cuddle with you. You will never feel depressed or sad whenever they are around. They have the ability to reduce your stress level and make you smile. They are perfect to provide you the companionship and love that you crave for. Rabbits are adorable creatures that are well known for their happy-go-lucky nature. They will play around and have fun with you and make you feel loved. This amazing and unique personality of rabbits makes them one of the best emotional support animals.

#8 Rabbits - Animal With Long Life Span: 

If you compare the lifespan of rats with rabbits, then you would notice that rabbits have more than 10 years of lifespan. This is enough time for building a strong emotional bond. 


These 8 reasons indicate that not just dogs and cats, but even rabbits can be an ideal choice for an emotional support animal. Besides the above points, they are small and convenient to carry to different places. So you can take them on vacation or long drive without any hassle.


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