Andrew and Archie Andrew Need for an ESA Prescription

Andrew and Archie Andrew Need for an ESA Prescription

Andrew and Archie Andrew Need for an ESA Prescription

Andrew is a young man who lives in Washington State and he had a pretty good life until recently. You see, Andrew was only 18 years old when both of his parents were tragically killed in a car accident and besides his parents which were now gone he had absolutely nobody to communicate with; he had no other family. The death of his parents had sent him on a downward spiral which means that he started drinking excessively and eventually started doing hard drugs. This life quickly led him to encounters with the law, even though Andrew had gotten off easy several times but the next time he would be serving serious jail time if he got caught with drugs again. The problem was that he was just far too depressed and lonely to be able to kick the drug addiction all by himself.

What both psychiatrists and the judge recommended was that Andrew go to a rehab program, a special kind of rehab program for people with emotional and mental distress such as Andrew. In a place like this they used pets, specifically dogs to help people form bond a bond with a friend, have a responsibility to look after, and ultimately to gain a trusting family member. The rehab program worked very well for Andrew and he made a great new friend by the name of Archie. For the people who wanted to for a small price they could keep their new loving pet afterwards. Andrew knew that the key to keeping his drug addiction at bay was to stay healthy mentally and emotionally, which at this point was only something that he could do with his pet dog Archie by his side.

The problem was that Archie’s landlord would definitely not allow him to keep a pet in the building; he just didn’t understand exactly what and how much Archie meant to Andrew, and how much Andrew needed Archie. Andrew did not know what to do, however thanks to the very same kind judge that sent him to rehab he found out about Animal Companions. Animal Companions is an organization that allows people to apply for something called an ESA Prescription (they can also be known as animal support letters or emotional support letters too). An emotional animal support letter is a legally binding document that must be accepted by land lords across the U.S and it means that they cannot deny a person the right to have a pet with them in cases of emotional need and distress.

So, Archie went to where he was easily able to qualify for an emotional support letter for animals due to his circumstances and history concerning the death of his parents; he was a shoe in to qualify! The ESA prescription was sent to his email inbox, he printed it out and showed it to his landlord who had no choice but accept both Andrew and Archie. Now it’s a few years later and Archie has done very well for himself. He has been clean and sober ever since he first got Archie, he got promoted twice at his job, and he even got a girlfriend too! Not to mention that his depression and other mental problems had more or less completely disappeared since making a new best friend. If you or someone you know is in this situation and needs an animal support letter so they can keep their pets where they live then don’t hesitate to go to



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