Are You Suffering From PTSD? Get An Emotional Support Animal

Are You Suffering From PTSD? Get An Emotional Support Animal

Everyone has to face one or the other shocking moments in their lives. These shocking experiences can be so painful and hurting that you remain shaken for a short period and then move on with your lives. But not everyone is strong enough to push beyond such painful thoughts and go back to being their old selves. When people are unable to move on from such events, they keep reliving the moment in their minds for months and months, which leads to severe depression. The extreme pain that the person gets from reliving the unpleasant event in life causes anxiety, and it is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The best way to recover from PTSD symptoms, you must get an ESA — Emotional Support Animal. But before that, you must have a complete understanding of PTSD — Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

What Do We Mean By PTSD?

Whenever you find yourself in a dangerous, painful, fearful, and unpleasant moment, it is the natural instinct of your body to respond to the stimulus. Either the body prepares for a situation for fight or flight after analyzing the situation. The brain singles or triggers the hormone that helps in taking defensive steps. Once you overcome that moment, you feel relieved and after some time go back to your normal life. But that is not possible for everyone. Some people get the shock and their brain is unable to get out of the unpleasant sequence of events. So, the person keeps reliving that painful moment in their mind (in the form of nightmares, flashbacks, or scary thoughts) even after a couple of years. This particular condition that the brain develops is called PTSD — Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. For example, if the person has witnessed the death of someone in a particular place, they may fear visiting the place again. Or if someone has had a severe car accident, then they may fear driving. 

So most healthcare professionals would recommend you to have an ESA. How an ESA could be helpful in improving the PTSD condition? 

#1 ESA — Offers A Companionship:

Most often when people aren’t able to get out of this negative cycle of thoughts about the painful event it is because they do not have anyone to share their feelings. Such individuals start feeling lonely, which in turn aggravates the condition. The person always feels depressed, sad, and upset. So having an ESA will make them feel that they have a company with whom they can share their feelings, play with them, and spend quality time. The ESA would keep your mind occupied with happy thoughts and reduce the frequency of flashbacks. 

#2 ESA Will Make Your Day Cheerful:

When you are playing with your ESA or taking them for a walk, you feel a sense of happiness. You are trying to overcome the sadness and depression by laughing and smiling. Your emotional support animal will help to relieve all the stress by triggering the happy or feel-good hormone — Endorphins. Within a couple of months, you could naturally start feeling positive all over again. 

#3 ESA Would Help You In Focusing On The Future:

ESA or your pets inculcate a habit of responsibility in you. You need to groom your pet, take them to the vet, provide healthy food, provide toys and clothes, and play with them (spend time in whichever way you want). All these small things will help you in realizing your responsibilities. This, in turn, will help you to focus on the future by leaving behind the past.

#4 Emotional Support Animals Would Help You To Socialize With People:

When you are not talking or opening up about your pain and discomfort, it keeps increasing. Even doctors always advise you to vent out your feelings, and you would feel better. But for that, you need to meet different people. While you are taking your ESA for a walk or picnic, you are bound to come across many people. You talk to them, get to know their problems, share your feelings, build a strong rapport or bond. These small things will help you to overcome flashbacks and nightmares. 


PTSD — Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental condition that can be overcome with the abundant love and affection offered by your ESA. You learn to leave behind the past, the grief and take up new responsibilities to move on with life. ESA will not just be a source of treatment, but a companion who would be by your side through thick and thin. 


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