Bert and Boomer The Letter For Emotional Support Dog

Bert and Boomer The Letter For Emotional Support Dog

As many people know, animals are a very important part of our daily lives, at least for most people anyway. For those people that do have pets they know just how important a pet can be, so much so that we often don’t even view them as pets anymore but as family. That’s because we feed them, take care of them, and love them too, and in return they love us just as much, not to mention they are loyal to a tee, they are always there when you need them, and best of all they never talk back. For someone experiencing emotional turmoil in their life which may have led to mental issues a pet like this can be just the right solution.

The problem is that many land lords and residential building owners just don’t approve of having pets in their apartments and condominiums; they can be loud, they cause a mess and a stink, and worst of all they could very well damage the property. However with a responsible pet owner this should hardly be a problem. These people just don’t understand how important a pet can be to somebody, and if they do understand then they are simply putting their profit in front of your wellbeing.

This was exactly the case with Bert, a man who was not allowed to take his pet into his new residence with him, until he got himself an emotional support letter for animals that is. To start from the beginning Bert was an elderly man who recently lost his house in a disastrous armed home invasion turned arson; these thugs burned down Bret’s home. The only things that managed to survive the unruly blaze were Bert and his friend Boomer the emotional support dog. Boomer had actually saved Bret’s life by barking and waking him up during the ordeal. If it wasn’t for Boomer Bret would have burnt to death while the house went up in flames like a match box.

Bret’s house was gone and along with it most of his savings. This meant that Bret was forced to move into a ramshackle little apartment; it was the only place he could still afford on his meager pension. The problem was that they didn’t allow dogs on scene. This was going to be a huge problem because after the home invasion and robbery Bret was left very shaken up and Boomer the Giant Dog was the only thing that would make Bret feel safe at night in an otherwise empty apartment; he needed to find a way to keep Boomer.

Luckily for him one of the firemen that was on scene on the night of the fire recommended that he contact Animal Companions is an organization that provides people with something called an emotional animal support letter and it’s a legal document that allows people to keep their pets when they are having emotional or mental issues such as Bret. The anxiety and extreme fear he was suffering from due to some very brazen criminals meant that Bret was able to qualify for an emotional support animal letter. A letter for emotional support dog that he was able to print out and show to his new landlord who was then left with no choice but to accept both Bret and Boomer into the building. Now Bret lives a quite peaceful life and thanks to Boomer Bret can get his sleep at night time without having to worry about not waking up during a home invasion or fire.


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