Bob and Bart The Bunny A Man In Need of An Animal Support Letter

Bob and Bart The Bunny A Man In Need of An Animal Support Letter

Bob and Bart The Bunny: A Man In Need of An Animal Support Letter

The problem in today’s world is that most often when people suffer from emotional distress and other emotional problems which are affecting their day to day lives the simplest solution is always pills and drugs. What many people don’t recognize is that a pet, something like a dog, cat, or even a bunny can make all of the difference in somebody’s life. A special pet friend can help people cope and deal with a various array of emotional problems; animals provide comfort, companionship, and emotional support, this is especially the case for people who don’t have anyone else to turn to.

This brings us to the story of Bob and his Bunny named Bart. Until very recently Bob was living a very happy life in Boston with his wife however through a series of unfortunate events Bob and his wife were involved in a serious car accident. After the car accident Bob’s wife had passed away and Bob was left in a permanent state of disability which would leave him requiring near around the clock supervision and care and thus he had to be moved into a special care facility. Even though Bob could barely communicate it was very clear that Bob was very attached to his Bunny and since the car accident whenever they were separated Bob would weep uncontrollably. So, understandably Bob wanted to take the Bunny with him to the care facility, after all it was one of the only bright lights in life that he had left; Bob really needed Bart in his life.

The problem came when he was informed that there was no chance that his special little Bunny would be allowed to live with him at the care facility. However one of the nurses who worked there knew of an organization known as Animal Companions which helps people in situations like this. What does is supply people with something called an emotional animal support letter which is otherwise known as an emotional support letter for animals which allows people in special situations such as Bob’s situation to keep their pets. In simplest terms it’s like a license allowing people to keep their pets and take the pets with them even when building regulations or company rules say otherwise. With the help of the very kind nurse Bob filled out the application letter and was sent the letter in his email inbox.

Once Bob had the letter printed out all he had to do was show the owners of the special care facility that he had a license to keep his pet with him at all times. As we all know emotional health can and often does directly translate into physical health. And thanks to the emotional animal support letter provided by Animal Companions Bob was able to actually improve drastically in terms of his physical health. Bart the Bunny helped Bob stay strong and stay positive. In fact Bob now lives on his own again, and even though he is still confined to a wheelchair, thanks to the emotional support provided by his pet he was able to fight through the worst of it and beat the odds!


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