Buying an Emotional Support Animal Letter Online

Buying an Emotional Support Animal Letter Online

People dealing with emotional disabilities such as depression and anxieties derive companionship and comfort from emotional support animals. Animals such as dogs, cats, and hamsters, amongst others can be registered as emotional support animals, but for an animal to be qualified as an emotional support animal, a license from a mental health professional is essential. This is to show that the animal genuinely plays a role in improving your mental health. With an Emotional Support Animal Letter, you can move about with your pet and have no problems with authorities.  

Emotional support animal letters can either be purchased physically or online. While this has some pros, it also has some cons. If you are trying to make the decision to buy an emotional support animal letter online, here are some of pros and cons.


Buying an emotional support animal letter online comes with a lot of pros. These pros include:

  • Convenience: Purchasing your emotional support letter online is more convenient than going all the way to a psychologist to get the letter. All you have to do to get an ESA letter is to go to an animal support site like, fill out the questionnaire which will determine your eligibility for a letter. If you qualify for an ESA letter, you will have your letter delivered to you via mail.
  • Take your emotional support animal anywhere: With an emotional support letter, you will face no problems taking your animal around with you. With only a few minutes online and a conversation with a therapist, you will have your letter mailed to you.


Just like everything else, buying an emotional support letter online comes with some cons. They include:

  • Fraud: While there are a number of reliable sites to purchase animal support letters online, there are risks of coming across some frauds who will charge a high sum of money and make promises they won’t keep.
  • No letter: If you come across a fraud account online, you might end up not getting your emotional support animal letter. This can hinder you from being able to take your dog with you on your forthcoming trip.

The cons of getting an ESA letter online only take place if you purchase your letter from your fraud website. In order to avoid this, it is important that you purchase your letter from credible sites such as

Animal Companion provides you with the licensed documents you need to take your pets everywhere with you without any issues. Our processes are 100% reliable, very straightforward and convenient. When working with Animal Companion, you can be certain that your information concerning your disabilities and other private information will not be compromised.

There are no deposition fees required before getting your ESA letter from us. You can also be guaranteed that with the credibility of your ESA you will face no problems taking your pet anywhere with you.

Our staff at Animal Companion are more than ready to hear from you. Contact us today at for your ESA letter.




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