Can Iguanas Be Emotional Support Animals?

Can Iguanas Be Emotional Support Animals?

Emotional Support Animals are animals that provide a therapeutic benefit to people who are suffering from a mental or psychiatric disability. Usually, ESA is a dog, cat, and other animals, such as reptiles. Yes, they are also ESAs. Emotional Support Animals are prescribed by a medical expert to help in the disability.

Definition Of Emotional Support Animal?

An emotional support animal is an animal companion that offers some benefit to an individual with some form of disability. The main intention of this is to provide companionship and support that will help alleviate at least one aspect of the disability.

Dogs are the most common type of emotional support animal as they bond very well with humans, but cats also suit well as ESA. Other types of animals, such as reptiles, can also serve as ESAs.

Can Iguana Be A Better ESA?

While you can choose almost any animal for emotional support, you must have to follow some guidelines. If you want to take your ESA out in public, then you need to make sure that it doesn’t cause problems for other people or animals. Iguana works well for emotional support because they are easy to carry around and do not interact much with other animals or people.

When you have an animal for emotional support, it is not necessary to train it. The purpose of an ESA is to keep a person company and keep them calm. Many people handle stress better in public with a familiar animal nearby.


According to the Fair Housing Act, iguanas qualify as emotional support animals (ESA) to support people with mental or emotional disabilities. A landlord can’t charge any pet fee or pet deposit for an ESA iguana, and cannot deny it due to a no-pets policy.

How to Make an Iguana As Emotional Support?

There are simply five steps for making an iguana as ESA. Let's see which are they:

Step 1: Determine if you have any benefits from Iguana as an ESA.
Step 2: Connect your Iguanas with a licensed ESA letter. 
Step 3: Confirm your ESA animal.
Step 4: Train your ESA pet to be a good citizen.
Step 5: Use your ESA letter properly and in a responsible manner.

How To Fly With Iguana As An ESA?

If you want to fly in the cabin of a plane with an emotional support iguana, you must have to check with the airline first. If the airline accepts your emotional support iguana, then you have to show your ESA travel letter, which has to be less than one-year-old, and that is to be submitted to your airline no later than 24 hours from your departure time. After this process, you can fly with your iguana safely.

Do Iguanas Make Good Emotional Support Animals?

There are various reasons to choose an iguana as an emotional support animal(ESA):

No Loud Noise

While cats, dogs, and birds can be pretty vocal, reptiles are typically very quiet. Your pet will not trouble any people by singing, whining, or barking in the middle of the night.

Low Keeping Cost

It lives in a glass container (terrarium) and only requires to be fed once a day. As long as the owner can give the proper habitat, an iguana will live a long, healthy life with minimal maintenance. 

It Has Low Energy

It does not need regular exercise and can survive happily inside its terrarium(glass container). A person who has struggled with leaving the house may benefit from an exotic animal, such as an iguana, that can support them inside their home.

Does Not Require Any Training

The owner will need to ensure that it should be handled properly, but it does not need to learn any tips or tricks or any services to support a person. It can individually exist with its owner and therefore be a beneficial emotional support animal (ESA).


Some of the most common emotional support animals for depression are dogs and cats. You can use other animals also like iguanas as an ESA because that is also qualified as an ESA. Just the presence of iguanas as emotional support can alleviate all the negative feelings in the short term and boost long-term mood.



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