Do ESA Letters Expire? How Do I Renew Mine?

Do ESA Letters Expire? How Do I Renew Mine?

Having an emotional support animal is quite beneficial for people who are suffering from severe mental illnesses or disorders such as depression, stress, anxiety, or loneliness. The emotional support animals help these people to cope with their problems and get back to their normal life. These emotional support animals help such people complete their education or be functional in their workplaces and even help them get through many daily tasks such as grocery shopping or traveling. Emotional support animals are extremely caring and affectionate that even within a short period, they become an integral part of the patient’s life. Now, there is some paperwork the owners of emotional support animals require to present in order for them to be permitted to be accompanied by their ESA in all places. The key one happens to be an ESA letter to show their authentication of the illness they are suffering from and verify their ownership of the ESA letter.  

What Do You Mean By An ESA Letter?

The letter used by the ESA owners is basically an official or legal document that confirms the mental illness or disorder of the person. It also states that the person is allowed to carry their ESA while they wish to travel to different places through flight (not to forget free-of-cost). Besides this, the ESA letter provides the special provision to the owners that they can find accommodations even in those properties where pets are not allowed. The ESA letter would be proof or verification that shows that the person needs special medical attention, which would be provided from the ESA. To ensure that the ESA letter is legitimate, it should be signed by a licensed mental health care professional who is in charge of providing treatment to the person.

Does ESA Letter Expire?

Yes, it certainly does. The ESA letter does expire after one year from the date of issue. This means that each and every ESA letter would have validity just for one year, and once the ESA letter expires, it needs to be renewed.  

Do You Know About The Renewing Process Of The ESA Letters?

In accordance with the Federal Laws, the person who owns an ESA must get the ESA letter renewed after the letter expires. It is the mandatory part of the Code Of Conduct of the Federal Law. If you are carrying an expired ESA letter, then you must know that no special consideration would be provided to you. Moreover, the expired letters would not be accepted by any government authorized airlines or by any property owners. Besides, you would be losing out on all the benefits that are provided to the people who have legit and valid ESA letters. 

In order to get your ESA letter renewed, you need to consult the mental healthcare professional who is treating you and get the new ESA letter from them. Having a valid ESA letter is as mandatory as getting a legit prescription for the medicines.

How Do You Know Whether You Qualify For The ESA Letter Or Not?

Having a legit and valid ESA letter from a licensed healthcare professional because there are several people who are misusing the ESA letters to get the advantages provided to the people who possess the actual ESA letters. Due to this reason, it is quite important to understand who can qualify for ESA letters. The people who are suffering from a mental illness or mental disorder, and are seeking treatment for it qualify to have an ESA letter. 


The person who is eligible to get the ESA letter must know that they should get an ESA letter only from the licensed mental healthcare professional who is providing treatment to you. There are many people who claim to provide valid ESA letters. But these people are not someone whom you can trust. They would hand over the fake letters to you and take away your money. So while getting the ESA letters or getting them renewed, you need to make sure that the sources are legit and not fraudulent. So whenever you want to be 100% sure that you are getting a legitimate or valid ESA letter, get it from a licensed mental healthcare professional who is qualified to provide you the medical treatment.  Whether you wish to have an old, expired ESA letter renewed or get a new one, you must seek an appointment with your healthcare professional and get the letter directly from them without being worried about any fake letters. 


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