Do You Know if Your ESA Letter is Legit?

Do You Know if Your ESA Letter is Legit?

If you analyze the statistics, then you would come to know that there are thousands of people across the world who are suffering from various types of mental disorders. Well, this does not mean that they are unable to follow up with their daily routine. It points out the fact that such people suffer from anxiety issues, chronic depression, loneliness, and other related issues. These mental issues if not treated within the stipulated time can aggravate the problem and can lead to some more serious issues such as a complete mental breakdown. In this final stage, the person’s brain would lose its efficiency and functionality. Furthermore, the medicines and drugs do work but they are not so the potential to change the feeling of the person all of a sudden. They needed a spark of positivity in their life. Something to make them cheerful and happy. 

According to the healthcare professional, it was primarily thought that certain animals have the potential to add positivity to the lives of people. Especially those who are suffering from mental disorders or loneliness. These animals give them a sense of responsibility, they become their companion and also help in the recovery process. These cute little companions were later termed as emotional support animals as they could help the patient to get rid of their fears, anxieties, and other mental health-related disorders. If you are the owner of an ESA - Emotional Support Animal, then you must have a legal document called an ESA letter always with you. This letter will provide you certain privileges while taking a flight with your pet or getting an accommodation that allows your pet (emotional support animal) to stay with you. 

Well, nowadays you could see that as the number of people carrying ESA is increasing, so is the scam related to the ESA recommendation letters. There are various shady agencies operating to provide the patients with fake ESA letters. They provide the fake ESA recommendation letter at cheaper rates and due to the low rates; the patient gets attracted to get the ESA letter from them. They lure the people with the idea that they can get an ESA letter with lifetime validity. But the fact is that only a certified and government-licensed healthcare professional has the authority to provide the ESA recommendation letter and no one else. They ensure that the validity of the ESA letter is only for one year. The people having ESA letters must ensure that they are getting their ESA letter renewed every year regularly to get the rights. 

If you keep carrying the Expired ESA letter with you, then the Air/ Flight authorities and landlords have the power to deny the rights you claim for having an ESA. 

Do You Know Whether You Have A Legit ESA Letter?

Well, there are certain parameters that will help you to check whether the ESA recommendation letter you have is legit or not. These are some of the points that you must follow: Check if these points are valid for your ESA Letter to know if it is Legitimate:

  • The ESA recommendation letter must be written on the letterhead of the clinic or hospital.

  • The ESA recommendation letter should mention the license number of the mental health professional.
  • On the ESA recommendation letter you would find all the details of the emotional support animal and the mental disorder the patient is suffering from.
  • The most important factor - the date of the issue of the ESA recommendation letter is mentioned. It also states when the ESA letter would expire. 

Do You Think The Online ESA Recommendation Letters Are Legit?

Well, this is one of the most common questions that most people ask while obtaining the ESA recommendation letter. There is a huge confusion regarding the ESA letter that is obtained through online services. Are they legit? Well yes, the online ESA recommendation letters are considered legit, but you must make sure that the provider is a government authorized licensed mental health care professional. According to the U.S. Department of Housing, it was stated that in certain situations; it becomes difficult to visit the healthcare professional and get an ESA letter from them. They have acknowledged that licensed professionals can provide remote online services in relation to ESA recommendations. 


Having an ESA recommendation letter will give you certain privileges by taking into consideration your mental health. But while procuring the ESA letter, make sure you are not being cheated by unethical people and avoid being a part of such a scam. You must not get fooled by the people who claim to provide you with lifetime validity ESA letters.


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