Do You Think Disneyland And Disney World Resorts Will Allow Emotional Support Dogs?

Do You Think Disneyland And Disney World Resorts Will Allow Emotional Support Dogs?

Emotional support animals are not just some ordinary pets that you love to carry around with you. Emotional support animals are special animals that help the owners in coping up with their mental disabilities and provide assistance to overcome the cognitive challenges. ESA (emotional support animals) are considered a companion that makes life easier for their owners. ESAs should be legally prescribed by a licensed mental health professional like a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. This prescribed letter is called an ESA letter. It is a certified document that states that the person is suffering from mental illness and has the right to carry the emotional support animals wherever they go.

According to the Federal Government Laws, with the help of these ESA letters, an individual can travel to different places on the flights and can live in rental properties. 

What if an individual with ESA wished to travel to Disneyland and live in the Disney World Resort?

Disneyland is quite famous across the world. They also take pride in welcoming people from all walks of life. Earlier, the Disney World Resorts and the Theme Parks prohibited the entry of all sorts of animals, even if it is an ESA. But there has been a change in policies. According to the new policies, the authorities of Disneyland Park and Resorts have made their parks accessible to people with disabilities and even recognize the need for Emotional Support Animals. 

The individual with ESA has access to the Disney Resort on a lease, and only when they abide by the clause. However, Emotional Support Animals (ESA)—animals that provide therapeutic companionship for individuals with mental health or emotional disorders—are limited to hotels and designated areas. 

To understand Disney Resort’s Park Rules and what that means for your ESA, please read further:

Your ESA Can Enjoy A Disney Vacation:

According to the policy amendment in 2017, Disney has agreed upon the fact that mental disabilities are considered as important as physical disabilities. Due to this reason, they have allowed Emotional Support Dogs into the Disney Resort Hotels and the surrounding areas. The properties at which the ESA dogs are allowed are listed below: 

  • Cabins at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness Resort
  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort
  • Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort
  • Disney’s Yacht Club Resort 

In these places, all the different types of ESA pets are allowed to stay with proper accommodation facilities along with their owners. If the emotional support animal is a dog, then it is allowed around the Disney parks. As usual, they must remain leashed and need to be controlled at all times.

Note To Remember: Every Individual With An Emotional Support Animal needs an ESA Letter from a License Medical Health Professional to be accepted as such. Before you travel and visit any resort, make sure your ESA Letter is up-to-date and valid.

Verify All The Rules Before You Plan A Trip To Disneyland With Your ESA:

Disneyland is a place that allows all the guests with equal love and respect. Due to the extremely generous services and other things, Disneyland has gained a good reputation. After considering the mental illness of the people, they have started providing accommodation to the emotional support animals. But before you plan your trip to Disneyland or resorts, you must get in touch with the administration of the Disney Resort Disability Services. It will help you in confirming whether there have been any changes in the rules or not. 

Safety Restrictions For The Emotional Support Animals:

Generally the rides provided by the Disney worlds are animal friendly but there are certain safety restrictions essential for everyone to follow. Some of the rides are just for humans and not animals. When the emotional support animals are not allowed to board the rides, they can wait for their owners with another department. This department is where you can leave your pets with the members until you come back from the rides.

Emotional support animals are restricted from all the water rides, beaches, and various other water attractions. These restrictions are placed on animals for their own safety and the enjoyment and safety of other guests.


When it comes to traveling to Disneyland, none of the pet owners would want to leave their beloved pets behind. Especially if you have an ESA, then you would definitely wish to take him with you. But wondering whether they would be allowed or not? Well, don’t worry because the answer is yes. ESAs are allowed in Disneyland with proper accommodation and safety measures. So just pack your bags and be ready to take your pets with you.


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