Emotional Support Animal Letter Natalies Story

Emotional Support Animal Letter Natalies Story

Animal Companions prevents Nathalie from separating with her Golden Retriever

I think we can all agree that pets are an integral part of family life, and yes, by this I do mean that pets are indeed considered part of the family. Dogs, cats, and other beloved furry or feathered animals are just as much a part of the family structure as everyone else. And just like the humans in a family structure provide stability and emotional support, so do pets. And this is why pets should never be discriminated against; they have great importance in terms of the psychological health of a family or even just one person. The problem is that renters and landlords very often do not want pets on their property and refuse to let tenants have any pets. It is in part understandable as pets do not clean up after themselves and often leave a huge mess behind; pets can be quite the liability for a landlord.

However we, the people at Animal Companions do not at all think that a pet being a liability to the property is nearly a good enough reason for a pet to be discriminated against and this exact discrimination is what we are here to combat. We have a little story to tell you today about Nathalie, a young woman who was renting an apartment in an apartment complex that did in fact not allow pets on the premises, something that turned out to be huge problem because Nathalie was relying on her pet, which was a golden Labrador, for emotional support and stability. Nathalie had been dealing with many issues including depression and the death of close family members; she really needed her pet for comfort and support.

Nathalie was in the process of going to school to get her Doctorate’s degree in political science, something that she was very fond of and wanted to study her whole life. Getting a PHD requires a lot of focus and dedication but unfortunately for Nathalie it was very hard to do this because she had recently lost her father to cancer; she was upset, depressed, and worst of all she had to now go live by herself in another state which she had never been to in order to complete her schooling. Nathalie had originally brought along her dog, her beautiful golden Labrador which was the only real friend she had, the only real family she had, and the only real thing giving her emotional support. However the landlord informed her that she was in fact not allowed to have pets in the building and there was no way that he would ever break his “no pets” rule; all Nathalie knew was that she really needed her companion for emotional support and stability.

Thankfully, Nathalie did not give up and proceeded to surf the web for a solution where upon doing some reading she realized that with the proper documentation and permission she was in fact allowed to have an animal for emotional support; this is something that is allowed by the state and federal governments. Nathalie then kept on doing some research and came to the website “AnimalCompanions.org” which provided her with an assessment tool to see if she would qualify and would be allowed to have an emotional support animal by law. Sure enough Nathalie passed the test and was awarded the right to have with her at all times an animal for emotional support, this permission came in the form of a letter that came to her inbox within a matter of minutes; Nathalie got herself a prescription letter which certified her as being allowed to have an emotional support animal. Nathalie then immediately went to her landlord that would under no circumstances let the pet into the apartment and showed him the prescription letter for an emotional support animal, and due to the law being the law, he had absolutely no choice but to allow her to keep her pet. Even better, not only did the letter force her landlord to accept her pet but it also made it so that Nathalie could take her beloved golden Labrador anywhere she wanted to bring him.

Today, after 5 long years of hard work Nathalie has finally gotten her doctorate’s degree in political science and has therefore been able to find an excellent teaching job at the very university she studied at and was also able to buy her very own home, a place where she thankfully no longer had to deal with discrimination against pets. Even today, Nathalie admits that she would never have been able to get through the tough times, get through her depression, and be able to complete her degree if she had not had the emotional support provided to her by her pet lab. Thus she is very grateful that she was able to go to Animal Companions.org and complete an assessment which got her the emotional animal support letter that she so desperately needed in order to keep her dog. Nathalie needed companionship and comfort which in this case came in the form of a four legged, gold-colored dog. It was a good thing that she was able to use the laws to her advantage and have an emotional support pet completely legitimately without having to worry about the landlord evicting her. Having an emotional support pet was the one and only thing that allowed Nathalie to finish her schooling and make the life that she wanted to have.

There are millions of stories out there of pets being discriminated against which results in people either being forced to give up their pets and their source of comfort or hide their pet behind their landlord’s back. It doesn’t have to be like that and Animal Companions makes sure of it by providing people with emotional animal support letters which allows people to keep their pets in a time of need. Visit animal Companions today and see if you qualify.


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