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"> Emotional Support Animal Letters

Emotional Support Animal Letters

Emotional Support Animal Letters

Emotional Support Animal Letters

Pets are like family, and should not be discriminated against, as they provide emotional support to their owners.  Pets are a psychological importance to our family structure, and matter very much to the family support system.  Renters are highly against pets at times, due to the nature of them not cleaning up behind themselves, and the liability they leave on the properly they rent. We at Animal Companions feel this is not a good reason for pet discrimination, and have a aim as a company to combat this issue head on and directly. In our posting today, you will hear about Sally, who was a renter in an apartment complex that was not allowing pets.  Sally was scared as she was relying on her pet for emotional stability, as she has many problems going on in her life, including death. 

Sally was going to school to get her masters and unfortunately lost her brother. Sally was very upset, and wanted to just focus on school, and unfortunately had to live alone. She rented an apartment in Gainesville, FL at the University of Florida, where she was studying economics.  She was living alone, and had her pet with her as she was told that she couldn't have a pet in the apartment she was staying in.  The owner of the apartment was adamant about this rule, and wouldn't break it.  She did some research on google, and found out that she can have an emotional support animal, with proper documentation, provided by many laws that protect her. She surfed the web some more, and came across the site AnimalCompanions.org, and took the qualifying assessment to see if she was able to have an emotional support animal.  She passed the mental health assessment for emotional support prescription animal letters, and within minutes had a letter delivered to her inbox. She presented this letter to Fred, her landlord, and immediately he was forced to allow her pet in the apartment with her, for emotional support reasons.  Moreover, she was allowed to take her pet with her anywhere she wanted, and was able to have the mental stability she deserved by the laws that are established.

After 3 years of having her pet in the apartment with her, she was able to graduate with honors, and move on to finding a new job, in which she could buy a home, and not have to worry about discrimination with a pet. Per Sally, she would have never been able to handle the class load, without the companionship of her dog Rascal. She is forever grateful for Animal Companions assessment, and emotional support letter.  She was in need and used the laws on her side, to legitimately have an emotional support animal in her rental apartment for the three years in school.

This story is like thousands and thousands of those who are discriminated against for having a pet. Unfortunately, many live in fear, and do it behind the landlords back, just to get evicted, and have the pressure of emotional instability in their lives even expoentinally worsening due to hiding the animals from the landlords. This is not healthy, nor is it practical or legal.  With Animal Companions, an Emotional support letter is just a fingertip away from your inbox , and life.  Sally is forever greatful for her emotional support letter and prescription and you can be too, if you want to honestly see if you qualify for Animal Companions services. 


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