Emotional Support Letters Matt and Mini

Emotional Support Letters Matt and Mini

Emotional Support Letters Matt and Mini

If you aren’t familiar with Animal Companions, they are an organization that assists people with emotional distress and other emotional related issues. To be specific AnimalCompanions.org assists people by providing them with an emotional animal support letter. To explain what this is, an emotional support letter for you and you animal means that you can legally keep your pet in a residence that would otherwise not allow pets on the premises. The same goes for bringing your pet to work, or other places where you need to go to perform your daily functions and live your life normally.

An animal support letter is a legal document that people can qualify for through Animal Companions and it is quite literally a prescription letters that will let someone with emotional distress keep their comfort giving pet and there is nothing that anybody can say to stop you. Animal Companions wishes that landlords and other building owners weren’t so critical about pets. Sure, they can be loud, leave a mess, and in extreme cases even damage property. However the other side of the story is so much more compelling. Animals are such an integral part of family life and can give one person or a whole family a lot of emotional support. For those people that don’t have pets it may be hard to believe that a pet is just as big a part of the family unit as any human in that family but it is definitely the case; animals provide tones of emotional support and stability to somebody that is in need.

Just listen to the story of Matt and Mini. Matt was a young man who lived in Washington, he was only 15 years old when his parents died and he was forced to live with his aunt and uncle all the way in North Carolina. When his parents died Matt had an ironically named Rottweiler named Mini, who was anything but small. The problem was that his aunt and uncle weren’t too nice, and when Matt moved in to the apartment complex which they not only lived in but owned as well, they weren’t going to change the rules or bend them at the least just to bring a big smelly Rottweiler into their not so big apartment; they didn’t want a dog in the apartment building let alone their own apartment.

Matt had to give Mini to a friend to look after but he went to on a solution immediately; he got a pretty good paying job for his age and begun to save up money to get his own apartment, and through the very friend he gave the dog to he learned about Animal Companions and emotional animal support letters. Matt easily qualified due to his severe depression brought on by the premature death of both of his parents and he was promptly mailed an animal support letter in the mail. The new apartment Matt got was still in the same building owned by his aunt and uncle however it was his own place and even though his aunt and uncle could deny the dog entry into their own apartment, thanks to the emotional support letter Matt could keep the dog in his very own apartment, something that he could afford since at the very least his parents had left him a decent inheritance. The point is that if you have emotional difficulties or distress and need your pet to keep you going then don’t hesitate to go to AnimalCompanions.org and get your own emotional animal support letter today.


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