ESA Letters Expire - How Do I Renew Mine?

ESA Letters Expire - How Do I Renew Mine?

Emotional support animals are boon to the people who are trying to cope up with their anxiety, stress, depression, and grief issues. These pets become an integral part of your life within a short period. 

What are emotional support animals?

Emotional support animals (ESAs) basically refer to dogs and other pets that are capable of providing emotional support and comfort to their owners daily. The way they live with people makes them happy and helps in improving their mental condition. People who are suffering from mental problems can get an emotional support animal, but it should be legally prescribed by a licensed mental health professional like a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. The prescription provided by the mental health professional confirms that the patient is mentally ill and his/her condition could be improved from an ESA. 

This specific prescription provided by a mental health professional is called an ESA Letter. 

The ESA letter is an important official letter that allows pet owners to travel to different places in a flight cabin free-of-charge. Moreover, it also helps you to stay in properties where pets are not allowed. The ESA letter works as written proof that you are under special care and always need an ESA to mitigate a mental condition. But have you ever thought about what would happen if you lose the letter or what if it gets expired? Can an ESA letter expire?

All your questions and concerns would be answered! 

Can An ESA Letter Expire?

Well, yes! All the ESA pet owners must remember that the letters are only valid for 1 year following the day they are issued from the healthcare professional. Your ESA letters would not last forever. 

According to Federal law, you need to renew the ESA letter every year. In simple words, the airline services as well as property owners would not accept the letters if it is more than one-year-old.If you fail to renew your expired or expiring Emotional Support Animal letter you are at risk of losing your ESA benefits for flying and housing.

So How Do You Renew An ESA Letter?

Renewing your expired ESA letter is as important as you renew the prescription for medicines. When your ESA letters get expired, you can consult your doctor and they will provide you a new A letter. 

How Can ESA Letters Be Beneficial?

ESA letters can help you get accommodation in rental houses. But besides that, there are other benefits of having an ESA letter.

  • If you are suffering from a mental disorder, the legitimate ESA letter helps you to carry your pet along with you. Even if you are traveling in flight, the authorized officials have to provide you a cabin. Not only just flights, but you can carry the pet on boats, trains, and buses.

  • General Stores Or Supermarkets: Well, it’s not surprising to know that not all stores are happy to let you take your pet inside the market. But if you have a valid ESA letter, they would have to allow you by taking into consideration your mental health condition. 

Who Can Qualify For an ESA Letter?

ESA letters have become more important because there are some people who are taking advantage of and misusing the letters to make an excuse to carry their pets along with them. So it’s really important to understand who can qualify for ESA letters.

Usually, a person who has been diagnosed with mental disorders and has sought treatment through medications and therapy or counseling, and whose specific symptoms are treated by the presence of an animal may qualify for an ESA letter. The ESA letter must come from a mental healthcare professional.

Those individuals may have one or more of the following mental health disorders:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • PTSD

  • OCD

  • Agoraphobia or other phobias

  • Socially induced high stress or anxiety (above average)

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Grieving over a large loss

  • Other Fewer Common Mental and Emotional Disorders


Having a valid ESA letter is very important for a person undergoing mental treatment. The letter makes them eligible to live with their emotional support animal, even in buildings that do not allow pets. Moreover, the ESA letter also allows you to fly with your pet (emotional support animal) in the airplane cabin. According to Federal law, the housing provider and airline must accommodate ESAs free of charge.

But a patient must have a valid ESA letter which is only recommended by a licensed healthcare professional and meet certain standards under the Fair Housing Act or Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA).  




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