How Can an Emotional Support Animal Make Your Life Better?

How Can an Emotional Support Animal Make Your Life Better?

In today’s era, we know that we have become machines running from end to end by the clock. This fast-paced lifestyle is making it difficult to live even a moment of life peacefully. It can be due to either an excessive workload or an unhealthy personal life, but the mind does get affected the most. Due to such lifestyle imbalances, we see an increasing number of people suffering from stress, depression, or anxiety. But living a stressful life has become the new normal for each one of us. Besides this, you can observe that people, across the world, are falling prey to a wide range of mental illnesses. Earlier people used to take prescription drugs that had side effects. But fortunately, we are not following any such harsh methods in modern times. There have been improvements in the way treatment is provided today. People suffering from mental disorders are now focusing, on getting therapies that are beneficial and do not cause bodily harm in any way. And here comes the essential role of Emotional Support Animals.

Now you might be wondering what’s an emotional support animal and how an animal would be helpful in providing treatment to a mentally ill person. Well, to clear the doubts just read below. 

What Do You Mean By An Emotional Support Animal? 

Emotional support animals refer to those animals that are domestic and have a loving nature. For instance, dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, horses, and many more are animals that show affection towards human beings, can be extremely helpful in reducing the impact of stress, depression, anxiety issues, and mental disorders on the body.  With the help of an ESA, one can easily get back to their normal lives, with minimal or even completely no use of drugs. These days you would see that healthcare professionals suggest patients suffering from various mental issues, to have an ESA to make the treatment more effective and efficient. It is also helpful in faster recovery.  

So, now that you understand the significance of an ESA, let’s move ahead to know how these emotional support animals help bring a positive transformation in a person’s life. You will be allowed to have an ESA based on emotional or mental stability or condition. An ESA letter will authenticate that you can have an ESA, travel with them, and rent a house along with your pet (ESA). The ESA letter can only be provided by a licensed healthcare professional who is treating you for overcoming the mental or emotional disorder. 

Emotional Support Animals Help You Produce Neurotransmitters

Even until a few years back, people consumed antidepressants for getting relief from stress, anxiety, or depression. But due to such medicinal drugs, the serotonin level — which regulates mood, appetite, sleep, etc — increases in the body, which is not a good sign.  Whereas, if you have an ESA with you, it will help in producing dopamine and various other neurochemicals in your body, which will, in turn, be helpful in generating the feeling of love, affection, and emotional bonding. The neurotransmitters are generally associated with the feeling of pleasure. So having an ESA will not only provide an effective way to treat stress, depression, and anxiety but also helps in enhancing your ability to love others and create emotional bonds. 

ESA Are Helpful In Enhancing Your Mood:

Generally people who are suffering from stress, and depression are always sad, gloomy, angry, easily irritated, and never seem to be happy. So, instead of having innumerable medicines, having an ESA will be helpful in improving your mood and make you feel cheerful. You would not feel lonely anymore when your pet is around, keeping you busy playing, or he will entertain you the entire day. With this, you can see an improvement in your physical body and mental activeness. 

ESA Can Be Helpful In Resolving Travel Anxiety Issues:

Travel anxiety is something that most people face, due to which they are unable to get on a plane. This can make travel extremely difficult. But with an ESA, you can regulate the anxiety levels and travel on flights without any difficulty. The Disability Act states that people suffering from mental or emotional disorders are permitted to be accompanied by their ESA with them on planes. 


Being emotionally or mentally unstable is becoming fairly common these days, so it is quite essential that you consult a certified healthcare professional and get an ESA ( emotional support animal) for yourself. The affection and love shown towards you by them, will not only help you to deal with your issues but also to overcome them. Most people opting for an ESA can improve their health without the use of any medications or drugs. Even if medicinal drug consumption is mandatory in your case, still an emotional support animal can surely help in speeding up the recovery process and bring in positive vibes in your life. 


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