Mental health illnesses are now treated with the use of animal companionship, as people that suffer from emotional or mental ailments like PTSD, fear and depression, can embrace the benefits of animal-assisted therapy. Since Detroit, like other parts of America, has recognized the benefits of pet relief treatment, getting an ESA in Detroit is quite easy.


Animal Companions' has made the process quite easy for those that are eligible to get an ESA.

Start by going through our pre-screening process, which consists of questionnaires. After done, the results will determine if truly you are eligible for an ESA. We will then link you to Qualified Mental Health Experts that are licensed to operate in Detroit.

It's only a Qualified Mental Health Expert that can give out a valid ESA letter that will allow you to have an access to an ESA. The Qualified Mental Health Expert must undergo a therapy session with you to ascertain the state of your mental health, only then can the ESA letter be given to you.


Specific protection In Detroit

There are different federal and state laws that cover an ESA in Detroit.

Travel Laws (Air Carrier Access Act)

An ESA can travel on the same flight with you, not minding the air carrier you decide to use. The Air Carrier Access Act has made this possible.

You are not obliged to make any additional payments or answer additional questions. Since ACAA is a federal law, it is operational in all parts of the United States. Though you can travel with your ESA, there are some regulations to it.

You must present a testament to show that your ESA is not violent and will not possess a threat to others. If any damage occurs, you will be made to pay for it.

You must let the Airline know ahead of time before coming with your ESA.

The customs desk will require that you give them an ESA letter from an LMHP. The letter must prescribe the ESA to you, and how it can support your disability.

An airline is permitted to deny your ESA travel if signs of violence are shown to others.


Employment Laws

ESAs are not covered by any Employment Law- ADA, unlike service dogs, meaning that your employer must not allow you to come to work with your ESA. Some employers won't mind having pets around, you can discuss with yours.

Housing Laws (Fair Housing Act)

This Act states that you and your ESA must be given reasonable housing. No landlord can turn back your ESA even when he has a no pet policy, but there are regulations.

He can turn back your ESA if signs of violence are noticed. You must provide a letter, stating that the ESA will not be aggressive to others or properties. If it does, you will be made to make payments.

The landlord has no right to charge you a pet fee for giving you and your ESA accommodation. The landlord is permitted to ask for ESA letter.

For help getting that ESA, come to us at! We are here to help.


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