How to get an emotional animal support in Las Vegas

How to get an emotional animal support in Las Vegas

How to get an emotional animal support in Las Vegas

An Emotional Support Animal is a companion that alleviates the effects of disability and provides therapeutic help for a person with a disability or psychiatric issue. This can be any animal that will assist an individual with a disability that can include psychological pain. 



This medically and legally recognized emotional support animal can assist you with your psychological and emotional disability and make you feel a lot of comforts. This may sound like a big challenge for the animal but unlike trained service animals, emotional support animals give such company by being more than a pet these in tough situations even without any special training.

Without the need for a specific training to make your pet an emotional support animal, you may just need to give the animal a basic training to ensure that it is well behaved in public and create a stronger bond with this emotional support animal.


Letter and evidence

If you are in Las Vegas, you can get an Emotional Support animal by getting a licensed therapist or a mental health professional to sign a prescription letter for you to enable get one of such animals and freely move around Las Vegas or even when you travel away from the city. This ensures that you go on to live happily with less stress as your emotional support animal can assist you with your disability anywhere you find yourself and with a lot of freedom.

This Emotional support animal letter that you get from a licensed doctor or professional therapist will confirm that your pet or animal is an emotional support animal. It will, however, need to provide detailed evidence that shows how you are really a patient of mental or emotional disability and that having such animal with you will be beneficial to your well-being. So with this letter, staying in an apartment in Las Vegas with your emotional support animal will not attract any extra charges from the house owner. Also, airline companies will not charge you extra fees when you go on board with your animal on their aeroplane.


Get an emotional support letter

You may be nervous or uneasy about talking about your disability issues or asking a doctor for an emotional support animal and some doctors may just offer you medication to support your emotional disability or psychiatric challenge. However getting an emotional support animal has no substitute is an effective therapeutic way to assist you with your challenge, so getting a letter to support your animal is very essential.

 At Animal Companions, we have a registration procedure that is dependable and offers no stress at all and can help you get an emotional support animal letter, to enable you to move with your pet freely and without any worries. We stretch limits to help you as we offer a secure Emotional Support Animal Registration, making sure that your disability information stays highly confidential.

So if you are in Las Vegas you can contact us at Animal Companions to register your emotional support animal and get your rights preserved. We will send you an e-mail which contains your Emotional Support Animal Letter and our customer service team will provide you with any needed information in a friendly manner. Be free to get in contact with us today by visiting




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