How to get an emotional animal support in Louisville

How to get an emotional animal support in Louisville

How to get an emotional animal support in Louisville

An emotional support animal helps in assisting emotionally or psychologically disabled persons by alleviating the problems associated with such a disability, as the animal or pet serves as a companion to provide huge therapeutic benefits. Having one of such animals can help you in your apartment in Louisville or when you travel.



This emotional support animal does not need any specific training and this means that your current pet can serve as an emotional support animal for you if you have a psychological or emotional illness or disorder. You may feel that this emotional support job seems like a big task for these animals but most of these emotional support animals do not even realize how important the work and benefits they offer are. They give a certain calmness, focus and comfort to an individual with such emotional disabilities, when they are most needed. Trained service animals may have a job that specifically focuses on a particular task, but emotional support animals do their jobs by simply providing a person with the company during tough situations.

With no need for special skills for your pet to become an emotional support animal, you may just give the animal the basic training on public behaviour to enable your animal feel comfortable in public and avoid situations that will make them uncomfortable. Any animal you choose can serve this purpose, but you just need to get the necessary paperwork to support a choice of animal that suits your emotional support needs.


Disability Defined

To qualify and get an emotional support animal of your choice, the individual will have to meet up with the requirements and give evidence that you really have challenges or issues in your mental and emotional capabilities and that these issues construe your major life activities such as your physical and social life. You may need to provide a record of your impairment and reasons why the animal you choose for emotional support is directly beneficial to your well-being.


Documentation and letter

At your place of residence in Louisville, the landlord may refuse to allow the emotional support animal if he feels it is a safety threat to others or can inflict physical harm or damages the properties of other people. This threat if realized causes the landlord undue expenses and adversely affect the nature of his services. Also, if you travel from Louisville to other cities, airline companies may want to charge you extra fees when you go on board with your animal on their aeroplane.

So in cases like these, you will need an Emotional support animal letter which you can get from a licensed doctor or professional therapist to confirm that your animal is an emotional support animal. It will need to show detailed evidence that you really have a mental or emotional disability and that having such an animal with you contributes to your comfort and major needs. This letter will be renewed annually.

From your residence in Louisville, you can contact us at Animal Companions to get the job on your Emotional Support Animal Registration done in a simple and hassle-free process. Live with your therapy animal in Louisville in comfort and travel freely with it, with an Emotional support letter. When you register your emotional support animal with Animal Companions, we will ensure that you receive your Emotional Support Letter via e-mail and stay assured of that your disability details will stay private. Enjoy our very friendly customer service today and get all the information you need. Contact us free today on






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