How to get an emotional animal support in Oklahoma

How to get an emotional animal support in Oklahoma

How to get an emotional animal support in Oklahoma

Emotional support animals are assistance animals that work and perform tasks that help to benefit someone who has a disability and provides emotional support to eliminate some identified effects of a person’s disability. Emotional support animals must provide benefits that are related to disability so as to support an individual with disability-related needs, however, they are not specially trained to carry out tasks to assist such persons. This Emotional support animal should be one that brings you a sense of well being and comfort in times of depression and anxiety.


Accommodations and exceptions

Unlike service animals, emotional support animals are not affected by regulations that modify policies to accommodate individuals who use them, rather emotional support animals can be left to reside with persons as vital and suitable accommodations for the person’s disability. An exception may be in case of a landlord's refusal to allow the emotional support animal if it threatens the safety of others which can lead to physical harm or damage to the properties of other people. This threat if realized causes the landlord undue expenses and alter the nature of his services.


Level of disability

If you are in Oklahoma, some laws require that the meaning of disability must be met, for an individual to qualify to get a reasonable accommodation or obtain an emotional support animal. It includes categories which require that there must be a physical or psychological or emotional impairment which limits one of life’s major activities such as walking, a record of the existence of such a disability or challenge, and a confirmed attribution that the individual has such impairment. You will also need to provide information and reasons why the animal you choose for emotional support is the right one that suits the health challenge or disorder that you have.



Adequate documents are required to a person's disability-related need for an animal and the proof of the individual’s disability. This is very necessary when a person is looking for reasonable accommodation for an emotional support animal. The psychiatrist or the mental health professional should write this letter stating that the emotional support animal is helping to reduce the effects of the disability. This Emotional animal support letter is valid for one year and must be renewed annually.

If you are in Oklahoma, you can move around or even travel to any place with your emotional support animal without stress when you have that letter that meets the requirements and you need to ensure that you understand the relevant laws, and carefully consider the clinical and legal implications when filling the client request form for documentation.  At Animal Companions we can give you a reliable registration process with our Emotional Support Animal Registration which ensures that your privacy is kept uncompromised. This process is simple but it is not stressful, and Animals Companions ensures that you are the only one who has your disability information and we will not let it known to strangers as we are highly secure.

You can register your Emotional Support Pet now from Oklahoma with Animal Companions and be assured that your rights are preserved. We will contact you through e-mail, and you can make your enquiries and get needed answers from our efficient customer service and representatives who are very friendly. Visit today to get in contact with us.


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