ESAs are now used to help support those that are living with mental and emotional disabilities.

Research has gone on to show that those living with pets are less likely to suffer from depression, fear, anxiety, and a host of other emotional disabilities. Those living with these disabilities, and own ESAs can attest to that.


Existing Emotional Support Animals in Seattle

There are quite a number of State and Federal laws that exist to protect those living with disabilities that have assistance animals like ESAs, though, in the case of ESAs, they are limited.


Employment Laws

Federal Laws permit a person living with a disability that has a service dog like a guide dog to take the guide dog to work. The same can't be said of someone with an ESA. The law doesn't cover such, and an employer is not under obligation to allow an ESA to work. Some employers do not mind having pets at work, you can easily find out from yours.


Freedom Of Movement In Public Areas

The Federal and Washington State laws permit a person with a service dog like a guide dog to gain access to a public area like a mall with the guide dog. Such a service animal is given unfettered access to public areas, but the same can't be said for ESA.


Flying with your Seattle, WA Emotional Support Animal

The Federal ACCA- Air Carrier Access Act permits a person with an ESA to fly anywhere in the United States with his or her animal, as long as the right documentation is done.

You must have told the airline of your intentions forty-eight hours before your flight time and must have presented the airline with an ESA letter from an LMHP-  Licensed Mental Health Professional, stating your disability, and the need to travel with your ESA.

The ESA letter must be recent and must bear the LMHP's letterhead.

There must be a testament from you, stating that your ESA is not violent, and you will bear the consequences of any violence that may come from your ESA.

The Airline has the right to deny your ESA access if it notices a sign of violence.


Housing Laws

ESAs have access to both housing and travel under the Federal and State laws. They are not given equal access to public areas like service animals.

The Federal Law prevents a landlord from preventing a person living with ESA accommodation, as long as the person has the right documentation.

Landlords are not permitted to evict a person with ESA, except in cases, where the ESA is violent to others and properties. The Landlord is not permitted to ask for a pet deposit.

The Landlord can ask to see a recent ESA letter from an LMHP and has the right to confirm. He also has the right to ask for a letter, where the owner of the ESA vouches that the ESA will not damage any property or attack others.

There is no training needed for an ESA, hence no certification is needed.


How To Get An ESA In Seattle

It's quite easy. All you need to do is to:


Visit A LMHP In Seattle

You must have undergone therapy with the LMHP, and he must have diagnosed you with the eligible mental or emotional disability.


Get An ESA Letter

The LMHP must give you an ESA letter, stating your disability, and why you need that ESA. It can act as a prescription for the ESA.


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