How To Get An Emotional Support Animal In Austin

How To Get An Emotional Support Animal In Austin

How To Get An Emotional Support Animal In Austin

Emotional support animals have become a common way in which people with emotional disorders or mental health conditions get legitimate help. Generally,  these animals provide therapeutic benefits for their owners through the companionship that they provide. They are a beautiful companion that can help alleviate psychological disorders. Emotional support animals are mostly dogs, sometimes cats but many times, we have seen other animals like a fancy chicken, a duck with stylish footwear,  even a peacock at the airport.

Austin is a great city to have an emotional support animal. The Texas law allows people with disabilities to go wherever they wish with their emotional support animal. You find everyone in Austin going around in public accommodations, restaurants,  stadium, stores with their animal companions. You are covered and protected in Austin to keep and go around with your emotional support animal.

How to go about getting one

  • See your mental healthcare physician in Austin

The first thing you should do is to get an official diagnosis. Visit your Austin mental healthcare physician for a proper and official diagnosis. The Texas law permits emotional support animals for patients suffering from depression, anxiety, mental illness, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

  • You need to get a valid Austin, ESA (Emotional Support Animal) letter

An ESA letter is what permits you to keep your emotional support animal with you. It is the official release you need to get for your companion to help you manage emotional disorders,  stress, and anxiety. You need to get your ESA letter from a licensed therapist in Austin. This way you are granted the opportunity to have a life in emotional support animal. 

Getting to live with an emotional support animal may be a little challenging but this is been made pretty easy as the Federal Law enjoins landlords to permit tenants with psychological problems to keep their emotional support animal.  Meanwhile, this cannot be enjoyed until an individual gets an ESA letter.

Often times, landlords in Austin will demand that you pay a pet deposit fee. The ESA letter out rules this. It means you won't be charged a deposit fee and you can't be evicted from the apartment except for some rare objection.

  • Request for an emotional support animal prescription.

Pick any animal of choice to be your emotional support animal and register it. Your emotional support animal could be any species of animal. It could be a dog, cat, monkey, pig, any species at all. There is no special certification required.

You are not legally bounded to register your emotional support but in Austin a prescription from your mental healthcare provider to out rules all restrictions raised for pet owners. This registers your pet as an emotional support animal and it becomes easy for it to be accepted in Austin as such.

To get an emotional support animal in Austin becomes less of a challenge with an ESA letter. For assistance and information about how to get your emotional support animal in Austin, contact us at


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