How To Get An Emotional Support Animal in Boston

How To Get An Emotional Support Animal in Boston

How To Get An Emotional Support Animal in Boston

Medical practitioners recommend emotional support animals to patients with psychological disorders as these animals have been proven to be beneficial to the patient’s health. This is because these animals are said to provide a sense of companionship which boosts the health of patients with mental disorders such as anxiety or depression.

Emotional support animals can be dogs, cats, hamsters, pigs and so on. For an animal to be certified as an emotional support animal, it has to be supported by a medical practitioner that the pet is really beneficial to the health of the patient.

Boston is one of the best places to own an emotional support animal. The Massachusetts laws have provisions for patients with mental disorders to go anywhere with their emotional support animal, including places which do not accept animals. In Boston, you can see people moving around with their emotional support animals without any hindrances. Hence in Boston once you get your emotional support animal letter, you will face no problems with your pet.

How to get an ESA letter

  • Meet your medical practitioner in Boston

In order to get an ESA letter, you need to get a medical diagnosis from your physician. This is because ESA letters are made for patients with mental illnesses such as PTSD, anxiety and depression.

  • Get a Boston Emotional Support Animal Letter

In order to carry your emotional support animal through places that might restrict it, you need an ESA letter. This letter shows the organization that you require the presence of your pet to help you with your disorder. What you need to do is get an emotional support letter from a physician or therapist in Boston. This will help you carry your emotional support animal throughout Boston with no hassle.

Some landlords refuse pets in their houses but the Federal law urges landlords to let tenants with mental disorders keep their pets. Other landlords who allow pets often ask for pet deposit but the ESA letter stops landlords from doing so. These privileges can only be enjoyed when you have an ESA letter.

  • Ask for an emotional animal support prescription

Any animal of your choice can be used as your emotional support animal as long as it is beneficial to your health. There are no special certifications to your ESA. After choosing the animal, register it.

Registering your emotional support animal is not compulsory by law but in Boston, this prescription from your mental health physician will cause you to face no future problems when moving around with your pet. When your pet is officially an emotional support animal, you can take it all over Boston with you.

Animal Companions is an organization which provides you with a very easy process to get an emotional support letter in Boston. With a simple email or phone call, you can get the right to take your emotional support animal anywhere with you. For more information, you can reach us on


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