How To Get An Emotional Support Animal In El Paso

How To Get An Emotional Support Animal In El Paso

How To Get An Emotional Support Animal In El Paso

Mental health medical practitioners prescribe Emotional Support Animals (ESA) as a part of the treatments for patients with mental health disorders such as anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder and depression. This is because these animals help manage the condition of patients by providing them with companionship and relaxation. Most mental disorder patients adopt dogs as their emotional support animals, other adopt cats, hamsters, rabbits and so on.

One of the best cities in Texas to own an emotional support animal is El Paso. This is because Texas laws permit patients with mental disorders to move around freely with emotional support animals. In El Paso you can see so many people move around public and private places with their emotional support animals so with an ESA letter, you can also be free to take your animal companion wherever you wish.

Steps to get an ESA animal in El Paso

  • Meet your doctor in El Paso

The first step is to consult with your doctor in order for you to be given a medical diagnosis. This is important because emotional support animals are for patients with mental disorders and a diagnosis from a medical practitioner can help you prove this. Hence go to your doctor in El Paso to get an official diagnosis.

  • Get a legal Emotional Support Animal Letter

In order to freely move around with your emotional support animal, an ESA letter is necessary. With your ESA letter, you can go anywhere with your animal companion and not get turned back. As stated above, this ESA letter should be gotten from a licensed medical practitioner in El Paso.

Finding an apartment which will accept you with your emotional support animal or convincing your landlord to let you live in with your pet might be a bit difficult but the ESA letter convinces your landlord to let you live with your pet.  

Also, some landlords in El Paso might want you to pay some money for housing a pet also but the ESA letter gives you a free pass from such a rule. Note that these can only be achieved if you have an emotional support animal.

  • Ask f0r an ESA prescription

Having an emotional support animal prescription involves you choosing an animal of your choice to adopt as your emotional support animal and have it registered. You have a wide range of animals to choose from ranging from dogs to cats, pigs, monkeys, and so on. When you decide on your emotional support animal there are no special certifications required.  

There is no law stating that it is compulsory that your emotional support animal must be registered in Boston but with a prescription from your medical practitioner, you will have no issues carrying your pet around.

When getting an emotional support animal letter in El Paso, it is necessary that you do so with the right organization to make the process easier and faster. Animal Companion provides you with all the details you need to get your emotional support animal letter in Austin. For more information, you can reach us at


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