How To Get An Emotional Support Animal in San Francisco

How To Get An Emotional Support Animal in San Francisco

How To Get An Emotional Support Animal in San Francisco

San Francisco is the 4th most populous city in California. This beautiful city has a bit of everything. No other city beats San Francisco at emotional support animal care. In an estimate carried out by the city's Animal Care and Control department, there were more dogs than babies in the city. According to the United States census, there were 120,00 dogs in San Francisco and only about 110,000 children. This city is arguably the best city for an emotional support animal companionship.

How to register your animal as an ESA in San Francisco

This doesn't require a lengthy or difficult process. The only requirement to get your animal certified or registered as an emotional support animal is a written document from a licensed mental healthcare professional. You will find many websites online that will offer to do this for you but you should be careful because this is not a service you need to pay for. Get a proper documentation and you are good to have your emotional support animal.

Privileges gotten from registering your animal as an ESA

Emotional support animals are very much different from regular pets. There are apartment owners who would not give their house out to a pet keeper. Registering your pet as an ESA in San Francisco grants you the privilege to live with your pet. No apartment owner will refuse to acknowledge an ESA. There is a substantial federal and state law that exists to cover individuals with disabilities to retain their companion animals for the sake of their healing process.

  • Travel facility: registering your pet an answer emotional support animal gives you the opportunity to travel around, far and near with your pet. It makes it understandable that your pet is inseparable from you. The federal and state law supports and protects your pet to go with you on aeroplanes, as long as you have an ESA letter.
  • Accommodation facility: in order to be granted an apartment to live in as a pet owner in San Francisco, you need to get your proper documentation of ESA. The ESA letter leaves your landlord with no choice than to accept your emotional support animal as a live-in pet.
  • Public facilities: for your pet to be accepted in the society, an ESA is just what you need to get. Be certified and authorized emotional support animal owner by getting a proper document or ESA letter.

Emotional support animal in San Francisco

There may be some arising legal issues with owning an emotional support animal in San Francisco. These issues are mostly about the social aspect of the animal. The emotional support animal must be peaceful with everyone in the environment. In the case of a destructive or aggressive pet, the owner must be ready to take responsibility at all time. For every damage done by an emotional support animal, the owner answers for it. Be sure that your animal is not a threat to safety and property. For more information and assistance, contact us at


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