How To Make My Dog An Emotional Support Animal?

How To Make My Dog An Emotional Support Animal?

Millions of people love dogs because of the effect and care the animal shows towards human beings. There is a unique bond between a dog and its owner. Due to this reason dogs are generally referred to as “Man’s best friend”. They are loyal in nature and get along with humans graciously. Many people keep cats, rats, turtles, love birds, rabbits, hamsters, etc as their pet but the best kind of pet is a dog. 

Dogs are known to provide us with a sense of emotional or psychological well being. They love to be around humans and give unconditional love. They are a very good company and comfort for people who live alone or kids who don’t have siblings to play with. Owning a pet, especially a dog can help people recover from personal trauma, anxiety, depression, and other kinds of mental disorders.

Animals provide a number of therapeutic benefits for us, from lifting our moods to alleviating our anxiety. Dogs especially have a very positive attitude and help their owners have one like them too. Humans cannot stay sad around them. They love cuddling and they can make you active. They make you laugh by doing stupid stuff like a small baby who doesn’t understand the norms of normal living! They are always happy to see you around and what more does a human need than the feeling of being wanted?

To make your dog an emotional support animal, first, we need to know what Emotional Support Animal means?

An emotional support animal is a type of animal, be it a cat, dog, or any other animal, that provides comfort to help relieve a symptom or effect of a person’s disability. It can or cannot be your pet.

It is quite essential to understand that an emotional support animal is not a service animal. There is a difference between them. Service animals are trained animals. They are trained to help others for eg. a blind or physically disabled person. Emotional support animals have no such training. Any animal that provides support, well-being, comfort, companionship,  unconditional love, and affection may be regarded as an emotional support animal. It is a type of legally recognized assistance animal that is allowed into residential buildings free of cost and also on flights.

Making your dog an emotional support animal may actually be easier than most people think it. The following are the things you need to do for making your dog an emotional support animal.

After knowing what an emotional support animal is, we need to know how to qualify our dog to become an emotional support animal?

  1. For that, we need to know whether an ESA is right for us or not from a licensed healthcare professional.
  2. After knowing that, we need to request an ESA letter.
  3. And then presenting the letter to whomsoever it may concern.

Under certain laws, owners of emotional support animals have certain legal rights.

According to the law, a person with an ESA has access to almost all types of housing regardless of no-pet policies. ESA’s are protected under the Fair Housing Act so that they can live with their owners.

Moreover, an ESA has permission to fly with its owner in a specific cabin of an airplane.

Under both these laws, an ESA’s handler cannot be charged an additional fee for housing or airplane access.

1. For that, we need to know whether an ESA is right for us or not from a licensed professional.

A licensed professional can be a counselor, social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, registered nurse, family and marriage therapist, etc.

The professional should have prior knowledge about your mental and physical health. He should have records or your mental health history. 

He will do two things: first, evaluate whether you are eligible for an ESA and if so recommend an ESA to help with your disability.

2.After knowing that, we need to request an ESA letter.

Once you qualify for an emotional support dog, the licensed professional can write a letter to you. The letter must include their license number, type, and the date it was issued. It should also contain the signature of the LMHP (Licensed Mental Health Professional). It should also contain the license holder’s contact information.

Nowadays, you are allowed to issue an ESA letter online. Seeing a therapist in person is not required. The modern world makes it possible to do everything online.

3. And then presenting the letter to whomsoever it may concern.

Now that you have the letter ready in your hands you can submit it to your landlord if your building prohibits pet animals. You can use it to have your dog on board on a plane with you.

Your dog or animal that you possess doesn’t need to undergo any type of training for being an Emotional Support Animal. All you need to do is check if you can afford it, take care of it, and that you are not allergic to it.  And if you don’t have one, you can always buy or adopt one for yourself.


Some of the most common emotional support animals for depression are dogs and cats. You can use emotional support animals in several different environments, including schools, airports, college campuses, and at home. Just the presence of emotional support animals can alleviate all the negative feelings in the short term and boost long-term mood and functioning in people with mood disorders, depression, and anxiety. 





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