John and Jammer: The Emotional Support Animal Prescription Letter That Saved The Day

John and Jammer: The Emotional Support Animal Prescription Letter That Saved The Day

John and Jammer: The Emotional Support Animal Prescription Letter That Saved The Day


It’s all too familiar of a story that land lords don’t allow pets into their buildings because they don’t like the noise, the smell, and most of all they really hate that pets have the potential to damage the property. This is something that shouldn’t be a problem, especially when the pet owners are responsible and they will take care of any bad stuff the pet does. Some people have pets because they just like animals but some people also have pets because they need a companion, a friend, and most of all some emotional support animal prescription.

Animals can provide people with lots of emotional support and comfort and they really become a part of the family. We feed our pets and love them, and they love us just as much in return. People feel that love and feed off of it; the love of an animal can really help people get through tough times and it’s a proven fact that animals help people, it’s why they use animals for rehab! The shame is that land owners often don’t recognize the value that a pet can have and just how much some people need their pet to get through their daily lives.

On example of this is John and John really needed his pet but his land lord just wouldn’t let it happen. John was a man that had previously worked at a steel mill but he had to retire due to severe hearing loss caused by the machinery. The loss of his hearing caused John to become very insecure and fearful; he was just very uncomfortable with not being able to hear anything and that he was unaware of his surroundings. To make it all worse the area of town that John lived in was not exactly the safest part of the city and John’s house had previously been broken into. John could only hear a little bit and if someone snuck up on him, broke into his house, or just needed anything then he couldn’t hear it. John wanted a dog to feel safe and he had a friend who was moving away and had a young dog named Jammer that they were giving away. Jammer was trained to make bark and alert the owner with his paws when there were people nearby or if someone was at the door; he was a perfect fit.

The problem here was that John’s land lord would not allow him to keep Jammer in the building. Thanks to John’s friend who had previously had the same problem he came across, a website which provides people with something called an emotional animal support letter; these can also be known as animal support letters or emotional support letters. They are a legal document that allows people to keep their pets in circumstances of emotional need. Animal Companions lets you apply quickly and have the letter in your inbox even faster. All John had to do was print it out and show the emotional support animal prescription letter to his landlord, who was left with no choice but to allow John to bring Jammer into the building. John now live a life where he can feel safe because there is a great dog named Jammer who has his back 24/7. If you or someone you know is in this situation then please contact Animal Companions ASAP.


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