Joshua and Apollo A Distressed Animal Lover, Emotional Animal Support Letter

Joshua and Apollo A Distressed Animal Lover, Emotional Animal Support Letter

Joshua and Apollo A Distressed Animal Lover, Emotional Animal Support Letter 

As we all know it can be really difficult to find a residence where pets are allowed on the premises. Most apartment buildings and condominiums just don’t allow it because pets can be really noise, not only that but they can leave a mess behind and even damage property. However that’s really only the worst case scenario because in the vast majority of cases it never gets that bad.

Not to mention that pets can really add to a family structure; they become a part of the family and are loved just like mother, daughter, father, or brother. They are integral parts of family life, and even if it is just one person and their pet it is still a family. We love our pets, feed them, and take care of them and in return they are loyal to us. Loyalty isn’t even the biggest part because pets can really help people with emotional problem such as stress, anxiety, depression and other conditions. So it’s a real shame when somebody is told that they aren’t allowed to keep their beloved pet just because the landlord says so. That pet is family and it’s almost as bad as if someone told you that you would have to give up your children to live in the residence in question.

This is exactly the problem that Joshua was facing. He was being forced to move away from home due family issues, these being a raging alcoholic father and a severely drug addicted mother. Only being 17 years old it was very hard for Joshua to move out on his own without any guidance, especially just after seeing his parents go through a very difficult divorce too. All of this had left Joshua in much emotional distress and had begun to give him anxiety attacks. However Joshua had no choice but to move out on his own and the only friend or source of comfort that he had was his pet kitty Apollo the Tabby Cat.

Joshua didn’t have any other family or friends except for his best friend, Apollo the Tabby. Apollo made sure that Joshua would be safe in his own apartment when he would have no one else there, and more important Apollo was a source of love and joy, comfort and emotional support in an otherwise dark world. One simple cat kept the depression and anxiety at bay, the only problem was that on the day that Joshua was being force out of his house he still hadn’t found an affordable place to live that would allow pets; now he was really afraid that he would be all alone.

What Joshua found out about thanks to his neighbor who just managed to hear what was going on was that he could get something called an emotional animal support letter. So, Joshua used his neighbors computer to go in the internet to where he could apply and qualify for an animal support letter. An animal support letter, otherwise known as an emotional support letter is a document that can be obtained through a quick application process and is quickly emailed to your inbox; it is like a prescription letter that lets you keep your pet in times of emotional distress and landlords cannot tell you otherwise.

Thanks to Animal Companions and the emotional animal support letters they provide Joshua was able to keep his best friend Apollo and eventually get over his anxiety and depression. Joshua now leads a great and fulfilling life with a great degree and working the job he loves.


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