Keep Your Pet With An Emotional Support Animal Letter Today

Keep Your Pet With An Emotional Support Animal Letter Today

Keep Your Pet With An Emotional Support Animal Letter Today

To some people pets may just seem like an animal that you have to feed and groom, pretty much just a nuisance that costs money. People with that view are usually the people that haven’t ever experienced the pleasure of owning an animal of their own. But for so many more people animals are so much more than that. Animals are a part of the family and when a pet dies everybody cries just like when a family member dies.

That’s because the pet is a family member and just because they aren’t human doesn’t mean they can’t be part of a family structure or form an emotional bond with a family. That’s just not true because animals are amazing for people and for families because they provide emotional support and stability for people in many situations. Going through a really rough time, emotional problems or having mental health issues is more than enough reason to have a pet; they just make you so happy and comfort you until you don’t need comfort anymore.

This is all well and good if you own your own house but when you live in a condo or an apartment then you have some more problems on your hand. The pet that was your solution to your emotional problems has just turned into a new problem of its own because there are so many places that don’t allow people to have pets. But, for people that are truly in need of a pet for their emotional support do have the possibility of keeping their pet if they qualify for an emotional support animal letter. It’s like a prescription that lets you keep your pet instead of taking prescription medication.

Here at Animal Companions we can help you get an emotional support animal letter so you can keep your pet in your time of need. Let us just tell you a short story involving a young man who really needed his pet German Sheppard named Rusty to help him sleep at night. This young man’s name was Tom, and Tom was experiencing mental health issues because he had just lost his father shortly after losing his mother. He was very depressed and often experienced anxiety. To make things worse his house was broken into and robbed when he was in bed and he was physically assaulted. This made Tom even more fearful and only escalated his problems.

Tom’s solution was to get a dog, his German Sheppard Rusty. It was a great solution because the dog provided him company, comfort in the form of a friend, and protection in the form of a barking alarm system with sharp teeth. The problem was that Tom and Rusty had to move because he couldn’t afford to keep his deceased parents’ house any longer and could only find an apartment that did not allow pets. Tom stayed in his house for as long as possible and did as much research as possible to find a solution. Finally after much surfing on the web he came across where he was able to fill out an application and qualify for an emotional support animal letter. This letter was quickly mailed to his inbox where he printed it out.

Once Tom had his letter he could officially move in to any apartment and no land lord could deny him entry due to his pet. His emotional support animal letter gave him legal authority to keep Rusty even if the condo or apartment building in question had a “no pets” policy.

Today Tom lives very comfortably in an apartment and although his problems have not disappeared, Rusty has helped him cope very well. So much so that Tom has gotten a great job and a girlfriend too. If you need help feel free to visit Animal Companions and apply for your own emotional support animal letter today.


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