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"> Lauren, Her Cat, And The Animal Support Letter She Needed

Lauren, Her Cat, And The Animal Support Letter She Needed

Lauren, Her Cat, And The Animal Support Letter She Needed

Lauren, Her Cat, And The Animal Support Letter She Needed

Laura is a young woman in her mid-twenties who recently moved out of her home and started going to school in a faraway state; she lived in New York and was moving to California to finish her schooling. Laura was never too much of an independent person and she always like to have friends around, not to mention she hadn’t spent more than 2 weeks away from her parents so moving across the country was a pretty big deal. Moving by herself gave Laura a lot of anxiety and depression because she was so afraid of being alone without anybody she knew for the first time.

To deal with this, shortly before she left for California Laura got herself a pet cat; Mr. Jingles she named him. She thought everything would be fine only to discover upon arrival at her new residence in California which was owned by the university that they did not allow pets to be kept on campus residence. This was a huge problem because Laura really needed Mr. Jingles to keep her company, keep her depression away, and stop the anxiety from becoming too bad. Yet, no matter how much she pleaded Laura was not allowed to keep her pet on the campus; the school said that it was a rule because pets are smelly, messy, and not needed in order to receive and education, but how wrong they were.

Laura didn’t know what to do and she was in a really tight spot because she really wanted to finish her schooling and she wanted to do it in California, by herself, and prove that she could be on her own, but for that she would need at least one friend, Mr. Jingles. She called her parents and through some internet surfing and a bit of luck too her parents came across Animal Companions, an organization that specializes in helping people with emotional needs keep their pets even when the rules say otherwise. Animal Companions can get somebody a thing called an animal emotional support letter which is somewhat like a prescription for drugs at the pharmacy, but instead of drugs for a physical condition it is a pet for a mental or emotional condition. Through a quick application process at AnimalCompanions.org Laura was able to qualify for an emotional support that meant Laura could keep her pet no matter where she went.

The Animal support letter was sent right to Laura’s inbox where she printed it out and brought it to the university residence office who were then forced to let Laura keep her cat in her residence. With the emotional support letter she could have actually even taken Mr. Jingles to class with her! At any rate Laura was able to finish her degree and get the job that she wanted all thanks to the emotional support letter that was not hard to obtain at all. If this situation sounds familiar to a situation that you are in then contact Animal Companions right away.


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