Letter For Emotional Support, Dog Man Bond

Letter For Emotional Support, Dog Man Bond

Letter For Emotional Support, Dog Fido and Fred's Amazing Bond

People across the whole world have had house pets for as long as history goes back and people love all sorts of different pets. People like to have dogs, fish, cats, lizards, snakes, and all sorts of rodents too. But don’t mistake it for simply liking animals or wanting to have a useful tool around the house such as a dog serving as an alarm system. Animals, house pets especially, are so much more to people than just a 4 legged furry creature. Pets become a part of the family; they are friends, companions, caregivers, and compassionate beings that people often look to for comfort and support. Pets are a great thing to have around when suffering from mental or emotional illness because they can really provide a lot of support and stability to people. Some people prefer prescription medication and some prefer a pet to keep the safe, sane, and happy.

Thus, it’s a real tragedy and travesty when people such as land lords and animal haters in general decide that they aren’t going to allow any pets in the building that they often. As is most often the case, the owners of condominiums and apartments don’t allow pets on the premises. They just don’t want to deal with the hassle, commotion, and possible property damage that can be caused by pets. More often than not these people don’t have pets themselves and just don’t understand how important a pet can be to someone’s mental health. This was the Case for Fred as Fred was suffering from mental illness caused by stress and emotions and there was no clear solution in sight, and none of the prescriptions Fred had gotten worked for him. Fred’s mental state was quickly deteriorating, mostly because he was always alone and had absolutely no friends.

Fred’s doctors recommended that he get a pet dog; at least it would be something to keep him company. So, Fred got Fido the Labrador and they instantly bonded and became best friends. From one day to the next Fred’s mental condition improved greatly; he could feel the depression melting away! Fred lived in an apartment where pets were allowed but due to his new job he had to move, and the only available and affordable apartment he could move to near his work did not allow pets; now Fred was in a pickle.

However, thanks to his old landlord Fred was able to find out about AnimalCOmpanions.org, a website where through a quick application process Fred was able to receive something called an emotional animal support letter, otherwise known as an animal or emotional support letter. It’s a letter that lets people like Fred keep their pets in times of emotional need even if a landlord says otherwise. So, Fred went to Animal Companions and received his letter without any hassle. He then showed the emotional animal support letter to his landlord who was not very happy with the situation but had no authority to do anything about it, after all it is a legally binding document.

Fred was able to start his new job, live in his new apartment, and thanks to the emotional support letter he was able to keep his best friend Fido that had provided him with so much support and literally pulled him back from the brink of destruction. If you or someone you know is in a situation like this then contact Animal Companions to apply for your own animal 


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