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"> Margo and Minnie Emotional Support Letter

Margo and Minnie Emotional Support Letter

Margo and Minnie Emotional Support Letter

Margo and Minnie Emotional Support Letter 


Let us tell you the story of Margo. Margo is a Polish immigrant who just moved to America, she had to leave Poland because the rest of her family had died and she had no way of supporting herself; she had to move to Seattle, Washington to live with her son so she would have a place to eat, sleep, and live in general. Margo also had her favorite pet cat Minnie to take along with her, it was her only cat and the only thing she had to bring from Poland. The cat was there when her husband died, when her sister died, and when her brother died. Margo really needed to take Minnie with her because that cat had gotten her through the worst times in her life and she really couldn’t bear to lose Minnie; there was no question that Minnie was coming too.

The only problem was that her son lived in a condominium complex that did not allow any pets. They pleaded and tried to negotiate, even offering to pay slightly more rent but the land lord just wouldn’t budge and he was not going to allow pets. He said he was not going to allow any pets because they were loud, they were smelly, and worst of all they cause property damage he just didn’t want his wall scratched up by a cat. This land lord just like so many others did not at all understand that Minnie was family to Margo and at this point in life the 2 were inseparable. Margo really needed Minnie, she was already on the verge of having a mental breakdown and losing her beloved cat would have most likely sent her over the edge; we all know the saying, “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.

Margo was really lucky that her son had adjusted well in America and was very familiar with the laws as well as special services available to people who needed emotional support in times of depression, anxiety, and any other kind of emotional turmoil. Thanks to her son Margo found out about Animal Companions.

Animal Companions is an organization that provides assistance to people that are in emotional distress and are having mental issues due to their emotional stress. Animal Companions does this no by providing people with counseling or with a list of drugs but by providing people with emotional animal support letters. What these letters do is allow people to legally keep their pets with them in apartments and buildings that would otherwise not allow pets. It’s a legal document that forces landlords and building owners to accept the fact that the residences are bringing pets into the building. So, that is exactly what Margo did; she went to AnimalCompanions.org, filled out the simple application, and printed out the letter once it had been sent to her inbox. Margo gave the animal support letter to her son who in turn showed it to his landlord. The land lord wasn’t happy but he has no choice but to accept both Margo and Minnie. Thanks to the emotional support letter Both Margo and Minnie can live out their glory years in happiness and with peace of mind.


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