Positive Effects of Emotional Support Animals

Positive Effects of Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support Animals are not just your pets, they are your companions who are helpful in supporting the treatment for mental illness or disorders. When people are mentally unstable, they experience a wide range of emotional changes. You can even call it emotional upheaval where they are unable to get control of their emotions and always feel depressed, sad, mentally anxious, fear, loneliness, and many other issues. ESAs spread out positive vibes in the form of love and affection towards their owner, which helps in dealing with their mental issues. 

Let’s check out what are some of the most amazing and positive effects of having an emotional support animal.

#1 Emotional Support Animals Help You In Dealing With Their Loneliness By Reducing The Feeling Of Being Alone: 

Well, we all know that mental illness is a serious health issue that cannot be dealt all alone. Such people always feel isolated and don't feel like socializing with anyone. This will not help you but aggravate your problems. Having an emotional support animal by your side will make you feel happy. They will be your companion wherever you go or live. They will always be with you, play with you, and reduce the feeling of loneliness. Moreover, when you take your ESA (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc) for a long walk or for playing in the garden, you are unknowingly creating an opportunity for yourself to socialize with people. 

You can talk to them. Well, this might sound a bit weird. We know that animals cannot talk back, but they will let you know that they are understanding you by their behavior. Also, you get to socialize with other pet owners. The best aspect of having an ESA is that they will not judge and love you in every situation. 

#2 Emotional Support Animal Help In Reducing The Level Of Stress, Depression Or Anxiety: 

People who are mentally unstable or suffer from mental disorders tend to experience frequent anxiety or panic attacks. It becomes quite difficult to handle such frequent attacks. So healthcare professionals suggest having an ESA. The ESA will help you in diminishing the effects of extreme stress or completely eliminate anxiety. When the effect of stress or anxiety is reduced, it will make you feel happy and cheerful. When people with mental disorders play with their ESA, go out with them, talk to them, or interact in any other way helps in dealing with chronic stress and panic attacks. 

#3 Emotional Support Animal Help In Increasing Your Physical Activity: 

Well, you might have heard that when you are involved in different types of physical activities, you feel encouraged and happy and motivated. And if you are suffering from depression, anxiety or stress, then it will prevent you from getting engaged in physical activities. Having an emotional support animal in your life gives you a purpose. You will play with them, take them out, which will help you to get involved in a wide range of physical activities. According to experts, it is recommended that being involved with your pet/ ESA is healthy for your body, and it helps in increasing the production of endorphins, a feel-good hormone.

#4 Emotional Support Animals Will Be Helpful In Your Ongoing Treatment: 

While you are undergoing medications and treatment for your mental illness, having an ESA will be a great advantage. They will be an integral part of your overall treatment plan. Besides, your mindfulness yoga, meditation, exercises, you can spend quality time with your ESA and support your treatment. If your medical treatment and medications can bring back your normal life within 6 months or one year, then ESA will help in shortening the period and also prevent you from mental disorders in the future.  


ESA - Emotional Support Animals are not just beneficial for helping you treat your mental disorders but also become an integral part of your life within no time. They will be your companion with whom you can go out on vacation, spend quality time by playing outdoor games, going on a walk, watching movies together, and much more. Whether your ESA is a dog, cat, horse, hamster, or rabbit, they have the ability to change your mood and make you happy and cheerful and forget all the tensions and issues within no time. The love and affection you get from your emotional support animal have the potential to pull you out from the feeling of loneliness and depression. 


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