Sean's Journey from Misery to Cure for His Emotional Problems

Sean's Journey from Misery to Cure for His Emotional Problems

Sean's Journey from Misery to Cure for His Emotional Problems

A letter for emotional support dog more commonly known as ESA Prescription is a legal document issued by a mental health professional to alleviate the mental conditions of individuals suffering from PTSD, Depression, anxiety etc.

Sean is a young man of 19 years. He recently moved out of Boston, away from his parents and to Atlanta, Georgia in a place far away; he lived in Boston and was moving to Atlanta to college and earn a degree.

Sean was a party person with the urge to have a lot of people around him. Back in Boston, he always had his friends’ company. Never did he spend a long time away from his parents; the longest duration he was away from his parents was 1 week during last Christmas when he went to Washington to visit his cousins.

Sean did not know how to react to this and was feeling miserable without his parents. He was unable to concentrate in his studies. It was becoming very difficult for him to cope up in the changing environment.

 To deal with his emotional problems, shortly before he left for Atlanta, Sean got himself a pet dog; Rover is what he called him. He thought everything would now be fine only to find out that his new campus residence in Atlanta did not allow pets on the premises. This was going to be a huge problem because Sean really needed Rover to keep his company, and stop the anxiety from coming back; he needed Rover. But, no matter what he did and how much he explained the situation he was not allowed to keep his pet at the college; the prestigious college just did not want to have to deal with the noise and mess that may come with a pet.

Sean didn’t know what he could do; he really wanted to finish his college and he wanted to do it in Atlanta and prove that he could be on his own to himself and to his parents, but for that, he was going to need Rover. Thanks to Google he came across Animal Companions, an organization that specializes in assisting people with emotional needs keep their pets even when the rules say that they aren’t allowed.

Animal Companions can provide an item called an ESA Prescription or letter for emotional support dog which is somewhat like a prescription for drugs at your local pharmacy, but instead of drugs for a physical condition like arthritis, it is a pet that you for a mental or emotional condition; the pet is your medicine! Through a quick and easy application process at Sean was able to receive a letter for emotional support dog that made it so Sean could keep his pet at all times.

The letter for emotional support dog was mailed to his inbox, he got a print out and showed it to the necessary people at the university and they were left with no choice but to accept him land Rover. Sean was able to finish his college, get into a great career path. This was all thanks to the letter for emotional support dog that was provided by Animal Companions. Just imagine what could have become of Sean’s life if he hadn’t gotten help so if this situation sounds familiar to a situation that you are in then contact Animal Companions right away.


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