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"> Sue And Her Animal Support Letter

Sue And Her Animal Support Letter

Sue And Her Animal Support Letter

Sue And Her Animal Support Letter

Sue was a very nice lady who had a very hard history; you see, Sue isn’t her real name, it’s just her Canadian name. Sue is actually a Syrian Refugee who just wanted to be called Sue for the purposes of this article. She was living in Syria when the civil war broke out between the Assad Regime and the Islamic Militant State. She had a husband and 3 beautiful children; the problem is that she no longer has them because they were all killed in a an attack by the Islamic State, otherwise known as ISIS. Sue was the only one who manage to survive because she found a decent place to hide in her small house, the rest of her family wasn’t that fortunate.

Anyway after she contacted some people she knew by chance she managed to escape her home country of Syria and claim refugee status in the U.S.A; something which by itself is quite a hard thing to do. So Sue was now in America but she could only afford to live in government subsidize housing which did not allow any pets. Not being able to have a pet was something that was a huge problem because Sue had no family left and multiple doctors and psychiatrists had told her that she should get a pet. She was suffering from fear, anxiety, depression, and worst of all she had a severe case of PTSD from the gruesome events she went through back in her home country. Having a pet would be the perfect thing to keep her sane and feeling safe, not to mention happy too!

By chance, one of her doctors that she met at a relatively cheap walk in clinic knew about an Organization called Animal Companions. When you go to AnimalCompanions.org people can apply for something called an emotional animal support letter which if you qualify allows people to keep their pets with them at all times and at all locations no matter what the rules of that particular residence may say. These letters are also known as animal support letters or emotional support letters and through a quick application process an email with an animal emotional support letter is delivered to your inbox. You can show this letter to your landlord or your employer too and they can’t deny you the right to have your pet, even if the apartment or condominium rules say otherwise.

Sue went to the Animal Companions website where she was easily able to qualify for an emotional support letter of her own. Once she had gotten it printed out she showed it to her landlord, being the government, that she was now legally able to own a pet due to her emotional distress and instability; thanks to her letter there was nothing that THE MAN could say to deny her a pet. Sue went to the pet store and got a beautiful parakeet; she had always wanted a bird, especially a parakeet, and now that she was alone and had gone through so much pain and grieving it was just the thing that she needed to get through the sorrow. The little parakeet was always there to tweet, cheer her up, and even say some kind words. Thanks to her emotional support letter and her parakeet Sue was able to successfully adjust to life in America, get a job, and she has even started dating again!



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