Timmy and His Fish Tank Emotional Animal Support Letters

Timmy and His Fish Tank Emotional Animal Support Letters

Timmy and His Fish Tank Emotional Animal Support Letters

Did you know that pets really are important in so many ways? For people who have pets they know just how much love, comfort, companionship, and support you can get from a pet. Some people like dogs and some like cats, some like other pets too because there are many pet choices like birds, fish, and reptiles as well. A great pet becomes part of the family and even if a person is alone when they get a pet a family is created; they can be downright vital to the emotional health of a person or a family because pets can help relieve so many different emotional issues. And relieving emotional issues is really important because we all know that emotional health usually always translates into physical health.

That is why it’s so unfortunate when there are landlords or property owners who are against having pets in their buildings; maybe they don’t like animals because they could leave a mess or be loud or maybe they fear that the animals will cause damage. Either way the problem is that many people who have never had a pet just don’t understand what it is like to have one, and not only have one but need one too. This was the case with a young, 8 year old boy named Timmy; Timmy and his parents recently moved into a condominium where there were no pets allowed. This was a big problem because at a very young age Timmy was diagnosed with several anxiety issues, unbalanced brain chemicals, and a sleeping disorder too, all of which made it very hard for Timmy to get to sleep. And even if he did fall asleep he often had very terrible nightmares which left him terrified.

One of the fortunate things that doctors discovered by chance when Timmy was at the doctor’s office was that Timmy was greatly calmed down and comforted by fish, so much so that he actually fell asleep in the doctor’s office without even trying or wanting to sleep at that point. Even though the owner of the condominium Timmy was moving into knew of this he still would not allow it. Thankfully those same doctors had heard of something called an animal support letter, otherwise known as an emotional support letter for animals; it’s like a prescription allowing a person to keep pets in cases of emotional distress and need. They referred Timmy’s parents to go to the Animal Companions website where they could fill out a quick application to get their son Timmy an emotional animal support letter sent to their inbox.

Once Timmy’s parents had the letter all they had to do was show their landlord the animal support letter and he had no choice but to allow Timmy to keep his fish. Thanks to Animal Companions Timmy was able to continue sleeping soundly through the night thanks to the oh so soothing sound and sight of a gurgling and glowing fish tank filled with creatures that helped Timmy get to sleep every time he looked at them.


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