What are emotional support animals? Everything you need to know about them

What are emotional support animals? Everything you need to know about them

Bad things can happen to anyone of us in this life we live in. thus, we can become faced with a situation where our loved ones or ourselves become sick with an emotional illness which we struggle to overcome. In situations like this, it is all too easy for us to lose our joy and start to sink slowly into depression and sadness. While no one wants that, it is important to think of steps which can be taken in order to prevent it from ever happening to us or our loved ones. One of such steps would be to get an emotional support animal.

If you do not know much about an emotional support animal, today is your lucky day as we would give you insights about the uses and what having an emotional support animal would mean and entail for us.


An emotional support animal as the name implies is simply an animal which is medically certified to be a source of happiness to someone who is going through tough times due to the effects of a mental illness. Before an emotional support animal can be given to a person, several steps would need to be taken. Some of these steps would include writing an ESA letter which is to be certified by a professional mental health official which is licensed to practice in that particular jurisdiction. It would also have to be proven that the person is suffering from a disease which has the ability to affect him mentally or emotionally

It is important to note that an emotional support animal is not the same thing as having a service animal. For one thing, service animals are usually dogs who have received a specific type of training from a very young age. These dogs are usually trained to be able to assist or help an individual who is suffering from a particular type of illness one disability which may not be mentally or emotionally. This is simply not the same functions as an emotional support animal which is meant to improve the mood of an individual who has a disability.


Emotional support animals do not need to be trained in order to provide positive thoughts into the lives of anyone. They would be there to help and make things better for them so that they do not get to feel isolated and abandoned by the world from time to time. It is also very likely that you would be able to go to different places which are open to the general public in the company of your emotional support animal.


If you are suffering from an emotional illness, the first thing you would have to do is to get an ESA letter from a certified doctor confirming you have a disease. Such a letter can be brought online and one of the best places to get them is animalcompanions.org. You can be assured that getting an emotional support animal would be a good choice all year round.


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