Will an Emotional Support Dog Help With Loneliness?

Will an Emotional Support Dog Help With Loneliness?

Nowadays, loneliness has become very common. Some people choose to live alone and wish to stay away from all types of social gatherings or contact. Whereas some people are forced to live alone. The lack of right companionship is extremely discouraging and also depressing. Being lonely for a long time can have an adverse impact on your mental fitness. 

This means that you must take this thing as a priority and resolve it. But how? If you feel that most of your family members are busy with their own life, you cannot have high expectations from them. People who are suffering from mental illness due to loneliness must get an ESA - Emotional Support Animal. These lovely support animals are capable of resolving your loneliness issues. There are many animals that can claim as an ESA but to resolve the loneliness issues - Dogs would be the best companion. 

When you get an ESA  as a dog, you would suddenly feel the difference between coming home to an empty house and coming home to someone (your dog) waiting for you eagerly. 

Your emotional support dog will greet you with all the love and affection. It will immediately lift your mood and make your life enjoyable. You will find yourself smiling and playing with your dog.

Let’s Understand How Dogs Can Help An Individual Cope-Up With Loneliness

Dogs are loving and caring. They share a unique bond with humans. Due to this reason, they are considered the best companion for humans. As per the research, it was found that dogs have characteristics similar to humans. 

The face and body of dogs are very expressive and thus they are capable of showing emotions, like tail wagging and barking. The best thing about dogs is that they do not have any sort of complicated parts of human interactions. Dogs do not pass any judgment, they are not hypercritical and this helps them to recover quickly from hurt or disappointment. Here we will explain to you the three best ways in which dogs can decrease loneliness: 

#1 Dogs Are Capable Of Providing A Sense Of Obligation To Humans:

Dogs play with their owners and become an integral part of his/her life. When such things happen, it becomes essential for the owners to take care of the dogs just like their own kids. It helps in instilling a sense of obligations in the owners and they do not feel lonely anymore. The focus that was completely internal has now become external. They make the person so busy that they become extremely busy to feel loneliness. 

Dogs are wonderful animals that are extremely thankful, demand attention, and give a boost of love and affection to the lonely person. 

# 2 Dogs Become The Owner’s Best Friend Within No Time:

Most dogs have a basic nature that makes them enjoy the company of the person and do not like to be alone. Dogs are so adorable that they will keep following you through the house and garden, sit beside you, wag their tails when you come home, smoothly pat your legs when they want to give you a hug, sleep on your lap, or don’t like to be alone. Dogs as an ESA have always been the best consideration when it comes to winning the hardest hearts. Nothing can better resolve your loneliness than a sweet little animal that walks you through the door. 

# 3 Dogs Help In Increasing Social Interaction By Encouraging You To Meet New People:

Dogs love to play outside and enjoy being taken on a hike or for a walk. You can also take your dog to the pet store to buy some goodies and dog food. At such places, the owner has the opportunity to meet new people, interact with them. If the owner is doing this on a regular basis it would help the person to open up, express their feelings with ease. Such routine helps in sparking new friendships with other people. Do you think there could be any other way of resolving loneliness?


Loneliness is common, especially among the people who are suffering from mental disabilities or those who are aging. In order to reduce feelings of isolation, one can have an ESA - a dog. They will become a part of your life within no time. These animals provide a good balance of work and play. They will hang around you while you are accomplishing your daily tasks and do not let you feel lonely.


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