Zack and Zeke: Man And His Companion Emotional Support Letter

Zack and Zeke: Man And His Companion Emotional Support Letter

Zack and Zeke: Man And His Companion

It’s a big shame when places of residence like an apartment building refuses to let people have their pets with them, even when they really need their pet for comfort and emotional support. Land lords and building owners don’t like dealing with pets because they can damage the property. They just fail to recognize are the emotional healing properties that a pet has. Simply put, having a pet like a dog can relieve so many different emotional issues. So, the people at are dedicated to helping people keep their pets in times of need.

Anybody can visit the Animal Companions website and fill out a simple form which will allow them to get an emotional support letter. These letters are also called emotional animal support letters or animal support letters too. They are a legally binding document that allows people with a need for their pets to keep them. Just like in the little example bellow, if you need an emotional support letter so that you can keep your animal even if the law states otherwise then Animal Companions is the place to go because we will do anything we can to help you keep your pet.

Animal Companions is a big fan of pets of all sorts and sized. And we recognize the real value of having a pet around because they provide so much emotional support to people. They are great to have around and in times of need they can really fill a gap when people are lonely or make the tears stop flowing when the pin is just too much. Pets work really well to relieve anxiety and many other things too.

One example of how a pet helped a person get through their emotional trouble was with Zack and his PTSD. Mike served a total of 6 tours of duty throughout his life; he served is Bosnia and Afghanistan too. Zack’s experience left him with a case of PTSD. He went to doctors and psychiatrists but nothing seemed to help. There was only one thing that seemed to help relieve the pain and stress and that was a pet. Whenever Zack was around his friend who owned dogs he seemed so much happier. And that’s why Zack decided to buy one of his friends dogs; times were tight and his friend could no longer support the dog. Zack named the dog Zeke.

Whenever Zeke was around Zack all of his PTSD symptoms seemed to disappear into thin air. The problem was that Zack’s apartment building did not allow pets on scene. All Zack had to do was go to the Animal Companions website and qualify for an emotional support letter. He did this without any trouble at all. Zack filled out the application, qualified, printed the letter out and showed it to his landlord. Now, there was nothing the landlord could do to keep Zeke away. Now Zack and Zeke could live happily in their building and Zack no longer had to worry about his PTSD nearly as much.


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