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Does your pet provide you with emotional support?



Why do I need a letter?

Never pay for pet deposit fees

You never have to pay deposit fees for your pets. Just go to your landlord with your letter, and feel the freedom of no pet deposit fees

Avoid eviction for having a pet

Provide your letter to your landlord, and explain that you have emotional support reasons for your animal. Don’t fear eviction ever

Take your pet anywhere - Including airplanes and parks

Bring your pets on a plane with you, or to any park. You can always enjoy the freedom of having your pet with you

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So grateful for Animal Companions, I paid $0 to have my pet on a plane with me.

John, Atlanta, GA

I was facing eviction, but thanks to Animal Companions, I was able to use the laws of emotional support on my side.

Abby, Miami fl

I have no pet deposit fees for my college apartment, thanks to this site.

Ricky, Gainesville, FL

Airlines wanted over $350 each way for my pet, this site saved me some serious money! It was free with my letter!

Sam, San Fransisco, ca


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